How an Online Business Manager is different from a Virtual Assistant

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Just like a traditional business, an online business also needs human resources. In a similar way to machines and money, people are essential for they contribute to the business’ performance and productivity; hence, growth and development are achieved. Use of technology can only be short-term if the other players in the same field adopt similar processes. That is why people with better skills and profound experience are important.

In online businesses, human assets can be classified into two: the online business manager and the virtual assistant. While both can help the business reach its objective, these two are different in many ways. First, the online business manager is the administrator or he is the person who is tasked to supervise all the day-to-day business operations, handle his team members and ensure on time project completion. On the other hand, the virtual assistant is the doer- he is hired to work on the instructions given by his superior. Second, the former is focused on the entire business’ success while the latter is only centered on his own accomplishments. Third, compared to the online business manager, the virtual assistant can effectively cater to more clients because of his lesser workload. Next, with his critical role and level of responsibility, the online business manager gets higher pay and even incentives, thus he can experience financial freedom; however, the virtual assistant can only obtain limited income for is usually compensated on a regular or hourly basis.

Regardless of their distinctions especially in roles, both the online business manager and virtual assistant are indispensable in any online venture especially in this competitive generation.

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