How Much Money Are You Willing to Receive?

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HowMuchAreYouWillingToReceiveThe other day I was talking with a client on a coaching call and the subject arose regrading the fact that we all have access to the same amount of money.

On the surface, it seems really hard to accept that, at least the first time I ever heard this concept and thought about it, it seemed a little crazy, how can that be, if we all had access to the same amount of money but we all don’t have the same amount of money something just doesn’t jive with that.

Here’s the truth of it as I see it, all money really is, is energy, everything is energy actually, and so since everything is energy than money also is energy and if that’s the case, we all have access to the same amount.

Still not buying it?

Well, how about this, do you buy that we all have access to the same amount of air? I mean think about it, do you even think about breathing? Like, oh no, I might take up too much air? Not in our day to day lives, if we aren’t sick, etc.

The same thing is true about water, we take for granted so to speak that there will be water in the tap when we turn on the faucet, or when we go to flush the toilet, or take a shower, you get the point.

And the same thing is true about money, because not only is money energy, just like water and air, its actually a necessity, at least in this day and age it is, unless of course you know how to make your own clothes, your own food, build your house, etc. etc. You get the point, we require money to take care of our basic needs.

So it that’s the case, that money is now one of our basic needs why would it be so damn hard to come by? Why would you have to struggle and work your butt off for it, trade your life for it? You don’t do that with water or air do you?

Yet we do it with money, so what’s the difference?

Over the past several years of expanding and evolving through my business and helping countless other entrepreneurs, I find the common thread is how much are you willing to receive? I mean, really, how much do you DARE ask for and the expect it to be there, the same way you expect to be able to breathe the air you breathe, or drink the water you breathe?

Okay, great, so let’s say you buy into this, now what? How do you shift it, so that you can receive more with ease and grace and joy?

The first step is to decide, decide that you deserve it. You see, I find that this usually comes down to not owning our value, not feeling worthy of deserving money, or our success, or that it could be that simple and it could be that we could really live the life we desire, and have a business that fully supports us at the core of who we truly be.

But, that my friends, is exactly how it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be easy, and simple and beautiful, we are just programed to think its hard, and we are not worthy, and we sabotage ourselves, and sabotage our selves, and we end up receiving the same amount of money we always have, because in the end, we don’t think we are worth it and who do you think you are driving that new car, or living in the house you desire?

Who are you not to be? You are worthy just because you are, its that simple. You must shine your light, and be un-apologetically you, because that is who you are, at the core of who you are.

If you are ready to be unaplogitically you, show up and take up space on this planet, now is the time, stand up for what you believe in, speak your truth and allow your light to shine.

And if you’d like a guide to help you along the way, it would be my absolute honor to invite you into exploring how I can help you build a business with great joy and ease in alignment with your purpose and passion. Just click here to check out how I can support you.

xox, Kim


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