How to “be” more and “do” less to get what you want!

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BeMoreDoLessPeople, especially coaches talk about this all the time, I know I certainly do with my clients, it’s super important. In fact, I think it is one of the most important parts of growing a business that you love that is in alignment with who you are and what you really desire, I know that has been the case for me.

As an analytical person with 3 degrees and a handful of certifications, it can be easy to get caught up in the do more mentality. ie. Doing whatever it takes to grow the business that you want, but what happens when you get caught up in “doing” whatever it takes and you lose sight of “being” you, of “being” the person you want to be, of having the lifestyle that you crave?

90%+ of my business success now I can attribute to who I am being instead of what I am doing, truth be told, you can mess up most of what you are “supposed” to be doing as long as you got this “being” part down pat.

When you are in doing mode you can lose that “being” and end up being the person who is committed to doing whatever it takes instead of allowing yourself to be who you are and having the things you desire.

I wrote about this in a recent article, which you can read here. What I really wanted to talk to you about today, is how you can “be” more of you and still create the business that you desire and manifest those material things.

I have noticed a trend this week already with a number of private and group clients who are needing some help with “being” who they need to be in order to create and manifest what they really desire from a place of freedom and liberation instead of doing more.

I have discovered over the last several years from being the person who was doing whatever it takes to now putting restrictions on whatever it takes, that my business and my life is happier and healthier and there are a number of things that you can do in order to do more “being” instead of doing.

Today I wanted to invite you to get some help from yours truly (if you want to take this further) and give you some practical tips you can implement right away on “being” more and doing less.

1 – Decide, yep, I know it seems simple and it is, but it’s always the first step, 1st you have to decide that you are no longer willing to do whatever and moving forward you are going to “be” the 6 figure business owner, or the 7 figure business owner, or _____ (fill in the blank of what you really desire) draw a line in the sand right now and decide you are no longer willing to not have what you want any longer and you are committed and willing to do things differently!

2 – Define what you really want and desire to have in your life and business instead in great detail, you need to have a vision of what you really want instead, not I don’t want what I have now but real clarity on what you truly desire.

3 – Now ask yourself, who do you need to “be” in order to be this person? What beliefs do you need to adapt? Write those new empowering beliefs and create a daily mindset ritual that allows you to start to reprogram your mindset. (this is a big part of the work that I do with clients, the truth is the business stuff is easy once you know who you need to be in order to have the things you truly desire, if you feel like you need some help, please feel free to contact me here :-))

4 – Accept the shadow side (you know the part of you that you are afraid to admit that you have, the part of you that you are giving all your power away to and you keep manifesting the things you do not want unconsciously and learn to trust yourself again. (again, this is something that can be tricky to navigate and a big part of the work I help my clients with, if you feel like you need some help, please feel free to contact me here :-))

5 – Embrace the opportunities that have now become available from shifting your doing to being and take inspired action, this is the fastest way to build a business and life that you truly love.

So there you have it, 5 actionable steps to do more “being” and less “doing” in your biz!

I am no longer willing to do whatever it takes, I now define whatever it takes, as in, I am now willing to have a $500k business while working only when my kiddos are in school because I am not willing to create a repeat of my old business, of doing whatever it takes to have the business I want, traveling too much, working crazy hours, not doing the work I love, etc.

Are you ready to claim what you would like to create and manifest on your own terms by doing more “being” and less “doing”?

I’d love to help you to embrace “being” more of you and creating from the place of “being” rather than “doing”.  I have a number of short and long term programs privately and in a group that help you to “be” more of you and create from that place. Contact me here to get started!

Here’s to being!

Much love,
xo, Kim



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