How To Create Quality Products Fast

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The process of creating your own products to sell is a lot easier than many people would have you believe. There are many ways that you can go about doing this and with just a little bit of creativity and a spot of hard work you can have a good quality product out in the market making regular sales for you in no time at all.

In writing this article I am presuming that you already have targeted a niche and verified that there are people that out there who are buying products in this niche. If you haven’t done this then go back and do your homework! So without further ado here are some really easy and fast ways of creating quality products fast.

Product Creation Method No.1 – Do An Interview With An Expert

The best way to approach this product creation method is to contact an expert in your field of expertise and do an interview with him. Record this interview and have it converted into an MP3 using some free software such as Audacity. Then take the MP3 that you created with the expert in your field and have it transcribed by the great folks at and then when it comes back turn it into a PDF by using OpenOffice software. Then you have a MP3 and transcript ready to be sold. Easy, huh?

Production Creation Method No.2 – Write An Informative Short Report

Find a problem that is cropping up frequently in people’s lives and do some research on some of the best available solutions. Write up a short report on this of about 7-15 pages and sell it at a price point of roughly $7.00. Do some forum posts(Don’t Spam) on the topic and then you should be able to make some nice sales quite quickly.

Product Creation Method No.3 – Create A Short Video Series

Following pretty much the same method as in Method No.2 only this time take your expertise and put it into a set of videos. An easy way to do this is to use CamstudioPro which is an excellent piece of software that only costs $29.95. It is easy to use and you can finish videos by automatically following on to affiliate links for extra profits. The great thing about this is that you can charge more for videos than you can for other formats.

Well there you have it! 3 easys ways to create profitable products easily and quickly. Get to work!


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