How to do you say good bye to your clients? (You need a system)

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Businesses, like all things, come and go. Lucky, fortunate, and rare are those business units that stood the tests of time, if there even is one. It seems that the business world has succumbed to the ever changing world, too. When your business unit is faced with the dilemma of closing, or of having to change the nature of the operations all over, or to simply let go of clients because you have to, what do you do? How do you say good bye to your most valued clients, to those who have been with you and the company through thick and thin? How do you do all of it?

Of course, as in and with all business transactions, a system is needed, and a good one at that.

One of the most common forms of saying good bye, and probably the easiest, most appropriate and most comfortable way, is through a business letter. This letter will state the reason for closure, change or letting go (of a client). All other necessary information that the client needs to know should also be stated in this letter, too. Saying good bye can be hard but it is not impossible. These business letters should also be sent at least a month before it takes effect – this is to help your consumers prepare for the sudden change that is about to happen. (Say, for example, they still need to settle unpaid balances, or they need to find a replacement in place of your services, or any other thing, really. These consumers are reminded so they can put into order all pending transactions.)

It is important and a must for any company to properly send off all their clients. It is a way of thanking them and expressing their gratitude for doing business with them.


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