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fillSo, you have a program or offering or whatever it is, basically you want to fill your biz with ideal amazing clients and rock the world with your message, you have an amazing transformation to offer your clients if only they knew about it. I’d like to walk you through a simple process of how to fill your biz or get anything you want in biz with ease, its a simple process.

1-know who your ideal client is, I know seems simple but I can’t tell you how many times I hear from amazing entrepreneurs that are not actually clear on who their ideal client is. You want to get really specific, male, female or that stuff is great, but the biggest factor I think is who is this person, like really, who are they? their psyche, what do they think, feel, really get into their heads and then ask yourself, what is there biggest problem? And then remember that you need to meet them where they are at. So, if you help them with this amazing transformation (I like I totally do and all my clients do for that matter) it doesn’t matter if you are not speaking there language. For instance, all my clients want a transformation at soul level and guess what before they work with me, they also want to know how the hell to make money too. They want their biz to be on purpose, that is a given, but they have bills to pay too, so think about what they are thinking and feeling and meet them there.

2 – great now you know who you are talking to, now actually talk to them, stop watering down your message because your ideal client needs to hear it in the full version, not the watered down version. Don’t be afraid to polarize your audience, speak to them, let them know what you are really thinking, and don’t hold back. Here’s the thing if you hold back you don’t say what is really on your heart, you are going to attract clients who are not ideal, and then you are going to have to keep up that facade, and let me tell you that sucks, its exhausting and is no way to create sustainable success in your biz. Allow yourself to be you, with no filter, that is what will truly attract your amazing soul clients to you.

3 – now that you know who you are talking to and you know your message now you gotta go out there and speak your truth, share your message, put that structure in place to allow you to magnetize those ideal clients to you instead of you chasing them all the time. Your marketing, messaging, sales process, offerings, etc all need to be mapped out and structured so that the clients have a place to flow to.

You see, all the time, I see amazing folks doing what it takes on the manifesting front, have all this clarity but they are still chasing their tale because they don’t have the structure in place to allow the abundance in.

You need to do the work to align yourself with what you want, essentially become a match to the vibration of what you want, in this case a full client load, but you also need to have a place for it to flow. If you do everything else but there is no place for it to flow then you are screwed because it won’t work.

This is actually the foundation that I teach in my Rock Your PROFITS training and mentoring program, it helps to make more money and have more freedom because we are looking at all aspects, who  you need to be, what you want, how to set goals, how to achieve goals, how to clear the shit out of the way, and how to create the structure that will actually allow you to receive. Because otherwise you are just doing a bunch or work and then there is no way to receive the fruits of your labor.


Remember, #RockYourLimits and #PowerYourPotential

Much love,
xox, Kim

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