How To Get Others To Promote You N.O.W.

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By Jimmy D. Brown,

See if you can spot the similarity.

What do the following three statements have in common?

1. I can’t do it right now, but maybe later.
2. I’ve already got my mailings scheduled.
3. Let me get back to you.

Got the similarity spotted?

These are all typical responses that most people get when
asking partners and affiliates to promote their offers.

Chances are you’ve gotten answers much like these, right?

Don’t despair … there are ways around the barriers of
reluctance and passiveness.

Let me share some simple ideas for getting affiliates to
take action on your promotions quickly.  I use the acronym
“N.O.W.” to describe three ways to get others to promote
you now…

N – News

In journalism, no one wants to be “scooped” when it comes
to newsworthy items.  Sharing some big story that another
network or publication broke days ago is a big “no-no”.
You always want to be first when it comes to getting the
word out.

That same philosophy applies to what I’ve labeled “The
Principle of First”.  The idea is simple:  being “first to
market” aids in responses.  Those who let their contacts
know about your news promptly will generate the greatest
results.  If they wait, someone else will break the news.

So, to apply this principle, you simply need to create some
newsworthy buzz that your affiliates and partners can’t
pass up on sharing with their network of influence.


Several months ago I decided that I was going to remove the
archives from one of my membership sites.  This
announcement served as a strong motivator to get my
affiliates to promote my site promptly before someone else
did.  The result was almost 500 new members paying monthly

If you make dramatic changes to your offer, or create some
other kind of “story” or “news” that warrants discussion
promptly, you’ll find you can get many fence-setters active
in promoting you.

O – Occasions

Another great way to motivate affiliates to get active is
to use “occasions” that have a real deadline involved.

Some examples include –

* Product launches
* Firesales
* Live events (teleseminars, workshops, etc.)
* Contests
* Special offers
* Limited quantities

This is what might be referred to as “The Principle Of
Force”.  That is, you MUST promote the offer now or miss
out simply because the offer will no longer be valid.  You
“force” participation.

For example:  If you have a 3-day “firesale” set for a
specific date, then anyone interested in earning
commissions for referring customers to the “firesale” would
be “forced” to promote it during your pre-determined
timeframe or they’d miss out because the event will end.

My recommendation is that you schedule some kind of
“occasion” every quarter.  That should give you four
significant spikes in your revenue each year, which can be
a tremendous boost to your bottom line.

W – Wants

What do your partners and affiliates want?  Seriously, stop
and think about that for a moment.  In fact, go one step
further than that and ASK them a simple question…

“What would it take for you to
promote this offer this week?”

Make it happen.

I want you to remember the intangibles here:  the sales of
your initial offer aren’t really all that important.
(Don’t freak out, hear what I have to say 🙂  It’s
building a lead list, an affiliate list and a customer list
along with ADDITIONAL offers over time that makes the real

Consider this –

Option A:

Miss Ima Guru ignores your request to promote your offer as
it currently stands.

Option B:

Miss Ima Guru accepts your modified offer which includes
giving her 100{9426e48ae5c3b3ab02332dd167966d9e9ea7aa41d6d2b8540a0550b4f9308632} of the revenue she generates.  You make
nothing off her promotion…but in the process of her
promotion she adds 500 new subscribers to your list, 75 new
affiliates and 60 new customers.

Which would you rather have?

Whatever it takes to get people to promote your offer now,
make it happen.

*** NOTE ***

Now, let me make a simple suggestion here:  The deal you
make should be directly proportional to the potential
results the partner represents.

Some affiliates and partners bring more to the table and
should be offered more in order to get them to participate.

That being said, you can get virtually any affiliate to
promote you now if you make it worth their while.  So, ask
them, “what will it take?”

This is what I call “The Principle Of Fear”.  That is, a
feeling of “This is such a compelling offer, I can’t afford
to miss out on this deal.”

All of this adds up to more involvement and participation
among your affiliates and partners…

N – News +
O – Occasions +
W – Wants =
Other people promoting you NOW!

Jimmy D. Brown is the author of the course, “5 Practices
Of Highly Profitable Affiliate Programs”.  For your free
copy, drop by

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