How to get out of overwhelm to grow your biz!

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The theme lately with my 1:1 clients has been around the idea of overwhelm and so I thought it would helpful to address that as I know it really is such a common theme being a micro business owner.

The idea of OMG there are so many different things that you need to do, so many moving parts that you need to make work, that you need to get done and the truth is there are only so many hours in the day.

So, how do you get it all done?

Really, it’s really quite simple, the answer is keep it simple.

You see, I think you go into overwhelm when you over complicate whatever it is that you need to get done or want to get done or whatever it is.

But, really, it comes down to yes, there may be a million different moving parts, and there may be many different things you need to get done, but you only need to do one thing at a time.

So, yes, think about what all those moving parts are, write them down, put them in your planner, put them in your project management tool but tackle them one at a time.

For instance, let’s say you are working on a sales funnel, or rather you have been trying to work on a sales funnel, but you just cannot seem to find the time to get it all done. You find yourself procrastinating, and putting it off because the thought of it is just so overwhelming, but you know that if you had a sales funnel in place it would take away some of the pressure.

But, but, but there is the lead magnet, and the optin page, and the thank you page, the upsells, the down sells, the webinars, the cross sells, not to mention all of the pages you gotta set up for all those moving parts and then connecting them altogether, and the emails, man, all those emails you gotta write, oh and wait, you almost forgot you gotta write the copy for the sales pages and the optin pages, and you gotta actually create and deliver the lead magnet itself.

It’s enough to drive anyone batty, even me, and I consider myself a systems geek and I love, love creating sales funnels and systems and the tech that goes along with and it’s enough to make my head spin.

But you gotta get it done.

So what do you do?

I’ll tell you what I tell my clients, keep it simple.

Do one thing at a time, map it all out on paper and then tackle one thing at a time.

So, in our example, above if you were creating a sales funnel, I would focus first on the optin page, what needs to be on there? How can you offer value with what it is that you want people to opt into, why do they want to opt into it? What is the pain or challenge they are going through and how is it that opting in is going to help them with that pain or challenge?

Once you have that done, focus on driving traffic to the lead magnet, then focus on getting it to convert at least 20%conversion rate. This simply means for every 100 people that visit that page, 20 opt into the page. Then you can add in the upsells, additional follow up emails and all that other jazz but to try and tackle this problem by creating the whole sales funnel all at once. It is way too much pressure.

Plus, you don’t know what you don’t know, if no one is opting into the lead magnet, then having all the bells and whistles set up doesn’t mean jack if you are only getting 1% of people to optin, your time is better spent optimizing that landing page. Then you can move onto the next step, and the next step and the next step.

It also allows you to easily chunk down your time so that you can easily manage all the different moving parts and before long, you will have a sales funnel up and running and functional and producing leads and creating sales.

So to sum it all up, in a word or two or three, keep it simple. If you are overwhelmed with trying to get it all done, then you are most likely over complicating it, ask yourself, how can I make this even simpler? What is the first next step that I need to take? Then go and do that, and then ask the question again, and then go do that thing, and keep on doing that until you finish your project.

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Happy Planning.

Love and blessings, xox, Kim

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