How To Get Rich Giving Away Something Free

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The best of all worlds is to have a product you can give away
free and still make money. That world exists. The product need
not be expensive or elaborate. It can be something simple – a
sticker with a happy face, a pen with a logo, or some other
intriguing item.

This marketing approach is excellent because you can give the
product away, charging the recipients only a nominal fee for
postage and handling. If you price your shipping fees correctly,
you can make thousands of dollars a month.

So how do you let people know about the gifts you have waiting
for them? The best way is by placing classified ads in national
magazines, an enormously successful method. Small classified
advertisements in such national publications as Popular Mechanix,
and The National Enquirer produce excellent returns on such
items, National publications such as these sell millions of
copies each week or month. Even a tiny return from this kind of
large readership means thousands of dollars in your pocket. One
advertiser noted his ads have generated returns of seven times
the cost of the classified ad. Other advertisers have done even

To put together your own ad, begin by studying the classified ads
in these national publications. Study every issue you can find..
Note the ads that show up issue after issue. These marketers have
created a money-generating format, and they’re taking full
advantage of it.

Study the long-running ads. Note that they’re short, but they
contain a nugget of appeal that makes you want to send your money

Now try drafting your own ads. write several versions that you
can try in different national publications. The ad should be
simple but hard-hitting. You want the reader to respond
immediately. Use the words that create an attractive picture of
your product for the reader.

You don’t have to charge much for your giveaway product. Aim for
high sales volumes at low prices, a proven technique in this
market. If you come up with an ad that grabs reader’s interest,
the money will flow your way.

The technique of advertising giveaway products that people can
receive for the cost of postage and handling has proved so
successful that there’s even a magazine devoted to showing off
the free items that are given away by companies throughout the
country. This 32-page bimonthly magazine is called Freebies. It
is chock full of these free-for-postage-and-handling items. For a
copy of the magazine, information about listing your product, and
a rate card, write to Freebies, 407 State St.,Santa Barbara, CA
93120. (805) 962-9135.


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