How to Really have FREEDOM in your biz……

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more moey & freedomIt’s no surprise that the month of July is all about freedom, with the celebration of Independence Day here in the US and Canada Day. I remember when I got my first sense of freedom, over 6 years ago when I quiet my JOB. However, I did not really have a true sense of freedom, not like I have now, that did not come until about 7 months ago when I really broke free from what was holding me back in my business and in my life.

Some of my loyal followers may remember this was when I made a powerful decision to take control of my life and business once and for all, not only did I do that I also picked up my family and moved across the country to make it happen, I needed to be free, once and for all.

Since doing that my life and business has dramatically changed, not only did I turn my yearly income into a monthly income (consistently) I am also working with amazing clients, who get amazing results and love what I am doing. Plus, I have the FREEDOM to do what I want when I want.

So, some of you may be thinking, how did you do that, and how long did it really take, the truth is, once I made the decision it took me less then 3 months to turn my yearly income into a monthly income and I never looked back. I think the best part is that I am living life on my terms.

A big part of my success had to do with putting the right systems in place in my business as well as hiring the right team members to take over some of the day to day of running my business. You know, so I can go on vacation, take a day off or travel with out worrying that my business was going to stop. I was able to create the consistency in my business by creating systems around everything that I was doing, of course, I also had an amazing coach and mentor to support me and I know in my heart of hearts that without that support I would still be exactly where I was a year ago in my business and my life, no real freedom and no consistency.

Consistency is key to being able to create the lifestyle you want, without the consistent income its difficult to invest in yourself and your business in doing the things that will catapult your business to the next level. This is where freedom really takes hold and you can begin to create a business around the lifestyle you want to live. This is what I want for you. I invite you to grab access to the Free PDF report: 3 Keys to Unlock Freedom + Profit in your Business when you feel like you are drowning in the details of your business.


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