How to Set Up a Canned Response in Gmail

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It is impossible to reply to all emails you receive every day. This task is so daunting that if you try to accomplish it you might end up doing it the entire day leaving you with no time for things that really matter.

It is a good thing that most email applications have a provision to set up automatic or canned responses. Sure you might consider it as impersonal but the important thing is that one way or the other you were able to acknowledge receipt of an incoming message.

The following information will show a step by step guide in setting up a canned response in gmail:

1. Compose a new message – this will serve as your automatic response. In this regard it is best to think of a common message that you receive and draft your message to suit this category in a general sense. For example, if you receive reports from the financial department daily, then write something that acknowledges receipt of the said report or something like that.

2. Save the draft under a new label – you can do this by clicking on the label button located just above the “To: field”. It will give you a drop down menu, click on “create new” near the bottom. Type in “automatic reply” or whatever label you prefer then click on “create”.

3. Settings – you can to this by clicking on the gear icon near the top right corner of the gmail page. Doing this will reveal a drop down menu. Click on “Settings” this will reveal a new page. Click on “Filters”. If this is you first time doing this then the page will be blank, click on create new filter at the bottom center portion of the page.

4. Create Filter – You will be presented with five fields. You can choose to populate a field depending on your need. In our case, we need to put information in the From and Subject fields because the purpose of setting up the auto response is to acknowledge receipt of report from the finance team.

Type in the finance team’s email address in the From field and finance report in the Subject field. Click Create Filter with this Search. Put a check mark in the Apply Label portion and select the Label you created earlier for the auto response. In our case this is “automatic reply”. Lastly click on the blue button labeled Create Filter.

You’re done. You have just successfully set up an automatic response in your gmail account. Simply follow the instructions and make the necessary adjustments if you need to create more automatic responses for other incoming messages.



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