How to transform your pain into profit!

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You can transform your pain into pleasure, into profit into power.

If you allow

You really allow yourself to feel

To feel the pain

The pain that you have been stuffing down since you were little.

Since you had to grow up too soon

Since you had to endure things that no kid should ever have to endure.

No adult should ever have to endure.

Yet, you do.

We do.

You are not alone.

And yet you are.

Alone to feel the pain.

To deal with the pain.

To deal with the repercussions of the pain.

The consequences of the pain.

From the choices you did not make on your own.

You were too young.

You didn’t know.

You did the best you could with the information that you had.

You needed to learn and grow.

You needed to become.

You needed that pain.

But you deny that.

You deny that part of you that needed that pain.

To survive.

And now that is all you can do.


You would love to thrive.

But you can’t.

You have too much pain.

But it doesn’t feel like that.

Because you don’t allow yourself to feel.

Not really.

You think you do, but you’re not.

It’s a mask.

A facade.

It’s a trap of your own making.

A wall you built up so you don’t have to feel.

The pain.

Only problem is when you put up that wall you didn’t realize it would take away your feeling.

You shut it all out.

There is no pleasure without pain.

And there is no plain without pleasure.

They are opposites of each other.

You cannot know one without the other.

Yet you deny it.

Your pain

You stuff it down so deep you forget it’s there.

But your pain does not forget.

It creates.

More pain from the pain.

For your denying of the pain.

It wrecks havoc on your life.

On your business.

On your finances.

Until you just can’t take the pain anymore.

Until you give into the pain.

You scream for it to stop.

You take action to change the symptoms of the pain.

Not enough money.

Not enough pleasure.

Not enough love.

Not enough _____

And you can’t help but think that you are not enough.

That you don’t deserve it

That you are not worthy.

The pain tells you that.

But you misunderstand it.

Every Time you create the pain you also create on the other side of that pain, right here, right now, the exact opposite feeling of that pain.

You create exactly what you want.

The only “problem” is that you can’t see if from where you are at.

You are stuck in the pain.

And you don’t know it.

You don’t realize it.

Because the truth is

You are used to it. It’s all you know.

Pain, it’s an everyday occurrence, it was given to you by generations before.

And you are creating from that pain.

Isn’t it time you took pleasure from that pain?

That you took profit from that pain?

That you took your power from that pain?


Are you ready to allow yourself to feel?






Your Power?


If not now, then when, if not you, then who?

Time to Rock Your Limits™.


Much love, xox,



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