How your child wound is holding you hostage in your business and life

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Mindset hack: How your inner child wound is holding you hostage in your life + biz. #rockyourlimits #biztalk #mindset #loaMindset hack: How your child wound holding you hostage in your business and life.

You are being held hostage by the BS lies of the illusions of your mind from the little girl inside of you that was scared as a child.

The little girl inside of you that was abused as a child

She is living that pain every single day

Only she does it in the shadows.

She lurks behind the corners in the dark alleys of your mind.

She is leaned over in exhaustion, her back nearly breaking from carrying the weight of the world. The cold dark ugly world that has jaded her, that has left her for dead on the side of the road like a piece of shit, like a piece of trash that was tossed out a window at 70mph. This worthless piece of shit you have always been told, your whole life you were.

And you believed it

You bought into the lies

The lies of the illusions

They sucked you in

And now, now you are paying the price.

Oh but it is not what you think that it is


That is not the problem

The problem is a disguise

A disguise for the real problem

The root of the problem

It’s all there

Right in front of you

You see it

For the very first time

This innocent

Sweet little girl

So pure and virgin, untouched wilderness with her little dress and curly locks the sun beaming behind her back the wind blowing in her hair, lollipop held up to her mouth getting ready to lick its yummy goodness

Feeling calm, and peaceful and at home

At home

At the heart

At the heart of who you truly be

This is home

This is me

xox, Kim 

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xox, Kim

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