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I used to pretend my why for being in business was about my kids, but that’s not really true, sure indirectly it is, but it’s not what keeps me going, I could easily get a high paying job to take care of them, no my why is much more “selfish” then that. My why is all about me, and the truth is it’s not really easy for me to admit that, but I also know it is so necessary because I can no longer in good conscience sit on the sidelines and pretend any longer in any area of my life.  I see others doing similar to me and I feel this jealousy, this is the first time I am almost scared to come out all the way from behind the curtain yet I know, it’s the only way and there is nothing else I can do right now that would be more in alignment then this. . I have worked through so much and it’s time now to stop hiding.


I loving call myself a blindspot expert, and  if there is a person out there that knows shame it is certainly me. Now this is not the rated R version, I am not going to take you don’t any graphical memory lane, but I am going to share with you grown up basically I don’t have any other memories that I was not abused in one way or another. I have been violently abused and manipulated by my own family and own loved ones, emotionally, physically, psychologically and sexually. My oldest memory of the abuse I endured is when I was 1 years old, family celebrations, holidays, vacations, happy memories are twisted and warped with aggression, violence and abuse. I remember I was beat in the parking lot in my early 20’s by a family member and left for dead on the side of the road and made my way back to work to finish up for the day, I came home and my boyfriend was like are you okay,  is something wrong with you, no, I am okay. I have been pretending my entire life.


I’ve been in high end masterminds, and have invested $100,00’s of thousands of dollars, trying to fit in and ultimately still feeling not good enough, and like I didn’t belong, invisible from deep seeding childhood shame and abuse.


I am done hiding underneath my rock, and I understand once and for all that my rock bottom is my bottom line and I am on a mission to once and for myself from these fears that are holding me hostage. It doesn’t matter how much money I have in my bank account, I recently shut down a business where I was making $70k/month because I was feeling shitty. And by the way, I don’t say this for the cool effect of a great before and after story, I want you to understand that I could not live this lie anymore. Doing something that I am damn good at but not passionate about, it was a conscious decision to dismantle that business, and to sell the 2 other businesses I had created in the past. The business of doing business for me is easy, I can create money in any business that I create but I was sick and tired of doing things I wasn’t passionate about, that did not fulfill me and bring me joy. So for me the issue isn’t making money it’s how I feel when I make money and I’m done sabotaging my own success.


I am done with hiding, I am done with pretending, if it doesn’t feel good, like I don’t want to do it, it stops, it doesn’t matter that I am scared, it’s a different kind of scared it’s a vulnerable scared, its what my soul has been asking for, it’s what I have been preparing for my entire life, and I can’t wait any longer. The rest will be figured out along the journey, I have done and transformed all I can while moving through it and taking a step back and now it’s time for me to lead, from a tribal places, from within the trenches. It’s time that despite all my success in business and in life that I stop hiding, because the truth is as much success as I have created it’s nothing close to what is even available and I know in my heart of hearts that this is not something that I can figure out and then teach. If the last year has taught me anything it’s that if I want to get to the next level, the only way to do it is through it, is to teach it as I am doing it.


You know what I am really, really good at, besides business, cause I already told you I am a business maverick, I am really, really good at detecting people’s BS, for seeing their blind spots, for helping people to see their own shit they have hidden in their closets, sure they might put a pretty bow on it, or whatever, but it’s really shit, and it doesn’t matter how much stuff you put on top of it it is still shit. I help people clear this shit, stop BS’ing themselves and get the hell out of their own way, it’s my mission.


Its also my mission to get the hell out of my own way, to fully own my power, which means the good the bad the ugly, the shit in the closet that I never wanted anyone to see, because it’s scary and painful, and you know what, that’s exactly what I am going to show you, because it’s exactly why I am so freaking good at what I do, its why I am expert, it’s why people trust me, it’s why when my clients get amazing results, because they know that I am talking from experience, that I have been to hell and back and lived to tell about it.


I am done sabotaging my own success by keeping up the facade, and pretending that I have my shit together, no more. I know my rock bottom is my bottom line.  I’m done sabotaging my own success.


I am done with trying to fit in, and be the cool kid, have the right purse, hair,I am on a mission to once free myself and others from the fears that are holding them hostage. To help you take the facade down and break down the lies of self perception, that keeps you living a lie because when you live a lie, you can’t have ultimate sustainable success. Once you unlock these fears, heal them and transform them, you can rock your power, make the money you deserve and have the freedom you truly desire.

Xo, Kim


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P.S. Here’s my invitation, 4th quarter is already here, if you relate to anything that I have been saying about struggle, shame, playing small, then I have an invitation for you to Rock Your Blindspot and Bottom Line.


I’ll help you get to the why the fuck is this going on, why you are in this shit over and over again.We are going to dive into the Akashic records and see what the hell is really going on here, and then over the course of 2 days, I will take you into the closet of your deepest, darkest fears, we will see why the fuck is this going on and what is the greater purpose of all of this? You being in the same shit over and over again. What’s the blessing, what’s the gift in this? Why are your weaknesses your super powers? And how can you embrace and emotionally heal even when things are so painful and so unbearable that ultimately really you can’t even conceive how this could be healed there is a way that you could be releasing it and that’s what is going to happen in this intensive + we are going to show you where you have inconsistencies in your message because your blind spot is ruling your life and your marketing message and ultimately your sales and you are the last person to know about it.

I’m a business maverick, business is easy for me, the biz strategies are a given when you work with me, I am a fierce business woman and I am deeply committed to helping you get results in your business bank account. I am also as fiercely committed to helping you take down the facade and break down the barriers that are keeping you stuck so that you can create a sustainable business because they are what keeps you unfulfilled, and stuck on many levels but also keeps you living a lie, and when you live a lie you cannot have soul satisfaction, it’s not sustainable, which is why you keep moving onto the next bright shiny object. For me to see how to monetize your gifts, I can do that in my sleep, where the work is for us, we need to look at where you are lying to yourself, where you are playing small, the imprints, when we look at that, the business pieces fall into place, and then its fun!


If you are ready to re-write your story and liberate yourself once an for all, then let’s talk, send me a PM or email me, it would be my honor to help you. xo

P.P.S. Want to know what I am passionate about? check out this 2 minute video rant here!


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