Improve the Service You Provide Your Clients: The 5 Powerful Ways

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Most successful people in the real estate business greatly value their relationship with their clients, especially in very competitive environment. Their clients are always and incessantly prospected by others, therefore they have to stay committed to stay customer centric. Real Estate companies who focus greatly in customer service realizes this, thus recognizing relationship building and follow up service is very crucial in customer retention and generation of revenue.

In today’s world we have access to almost everything via the internet, our mobile phones, and voicemail. They make our lives easier to communicate with others. However, whatever technological advancement we may have, it doesn’t hide the increasing number of clients who are dissatisfied. It shows that we are not as effective in communicating as we thought we are. In the field of human psychology, research shows that people are born into one of four behavioral styles. One can be born aggressive, passive, analytical or expressive. Each temperament requires matchless approach and strategy to handle. A person needs to understand each of these temperaments in order to encourage effective communication. Identifying which of these four is your client will help you understand and effectively work with them.

Quality customer service is described as impeccable attention to details and responsiveness. That’s why giving quality service is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Customer satisfaction survey points, little things make a big difference. It is essential to know as well that the top most complaints for customer service are unreturned phone calls, broken promises and failure to keep commitments. Make sure to exert some effort to follow through your clients. Customer service does not mean mediocre service but one that is beyond your client’s expectation. Go the extra mile to provide service, and turn your happy clients to your advantage for they eventually can become of great help when promoting your business.

Nonverbal communication is very important and should always bear that in mind. Learn the importance of body language and to “listen with your eyes”. Studies show that body language has more impact and reliability than words spoken.

Have an open body language, to create a good first impression, do rapport quickly, eye contact, don’t forget to give a warm sincere smile, show the palm of our hand, keep your arms relaxed and unfolded and legs uncrossed. You can create harmony with your client’s body gestures by “matching and mirroring”. This is to subconsciously convey to someone that you like them and agree with them.

Conversations are good, so use open ended questions and inquire the meaning behind your prospects’ words. You can take note of key words or phrases you can use to restate what they’ve said. This does not only improve your listening skills but also clarify communication and build rapport. Focus to what your client is saying, try not to interrupt, argue with them or even dominate the conversation.

Here are the five powerful ways to provide service to your clients:

  1. Promotional gift is good. Think of something that they will appreciate, like a coffee mug, letter opener or a personalized calendar with your information on it.
  2. Feedback system. This will help you monitor your clients’ opinion on the quality and quantity of service you have provided them. Remember that in customer service, perception is reality. Place a great value on their opinions, for service is defined as to how customers perceive its value.
  3. Under-promise and over deliver. Be reliable. Keep your promises and stay committed to your word.
  4. Pay attention to small things. Follow up is the power in a successful business. Always return phone calls, emails, and other important communications. Make it a habit.
  5. Make sure to stay in contact and keep good records. Write down important notes and keep track of important dates. This is especially important especially if your clients are reassigned to your other colleagues. Keep a written record of everything to help you remember everything from phone calls to birthdays.

Companies especially the progressive ones give so much importance now to customer service. They provide trainings and keep an eye on their customer satisfaction. Companies who fail to provide customer service, gives way to their own competitors to take advantage of this weakness, leaving them vulnerable. Always exceed customers’ expectation and success will always follow.


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