In Business, As In Dating, Attract Customers Through ‘Know, Like, and Trust’

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Have you ever struck out, whether in love or business – or maybe even both? Then this article may be for you. Dating and business are not as different as people think them to be. Both are based on knowing, liking, and trusting your partner.

Businesses are, in a way, relationships too. A businessman would have to ensure a solid relationship with customers – and in that sense, they would have to ‘romance’ their potential buyers. Though a business owner cannot literally “date”, he can take a few ‘know, like, and trust’ techniques from daters.

The daters say:

1) Small talk is enough.

In dating, no one ever really gets a date by just engaging in small talk – one has to actually ask someone out. In business, though it helps to chat with your Facebook, Twitter, and blog followers, they will never “buy” until you ask for a sale. So go beyond just the small talk – brave your way into asking for that sale.

2) Make the big moment count.

It sucks for girls when, having decided to give a guy a chance, they are taken to a date that was obviously not well thought out (like dinner at a cheap dining place or watching movies at the guys unkempt basement). For customers, the experience becomes hell when the sale does not push through seamlessly – your website is too hard to comprehend, shipping took forever, etc.

Avoid killing sales by making an idiot-friendly web design. Also, check ALL links – especially those linked to BUY. As for after sales, put in place a great support system that will answer all customer queries and concerns.

3) Be gracious about falling outs.

Not all dates turn out well – same with sales. When this happens, be gracious. It’s enough that the people “hate” your product – make sure they don’t hate you, too. Have a strong money-back guarantee; this just might make your customer think about repurchasing other products from you.

4) Don’t lie.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Nobody liked being lied to – so make sure you deliver on both the product and service that you promised.

5) Follow-up.

The sure fire way to kill a romance built from one date is to not call the girl the next day. In business, follow-ups are not just about upselling or cross-sellings. Merely emailing or calling your customer to thank them for the business is enough to cement their likeness and trust in you.

Remember: the next time you see a potential customer, build the romance through the mentioned steps – this makes them know, like, and trust you for future business.


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