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Web sites are perfectly designed for people who love to read, browse, and search for a certain topic or subject.

Articles have played a vital role in increasing web traffic in most sites. However, with the numerous articles, people do not actually spend their time reading the whole article. Most of them scan and skim over it.

It has been found out that only sixteen percent of the readers and users read the article for research purposes and resource materials. Only a few people read the articles word for word.

The remaining seventy nine percent of those who search for articles scan it. What they actually do is find interesting topics, paragraphs and sentences to use as resource. They look for good keywords, which can be used to generate other articles.

The real essences of the articles are not appreciated as they are and the worst is that they use it for some purposes. However, this has been the trend especially in generating web traffic.

However, there is an exclusion regarding this matter. Some tests have shown that readers and surfers have mostly viewed most of the articles that have been well written and well researched.

Articles that have average content and form are often viewed for scanning purposes only. These types of articles are not mainly used as a resource.

Most of the average written articles are easy to scan for keywords and are sometimes highlighted in a different color or font.

Now, the question is, how will a reader consider an article informative and readable? What does it take, for an article to be considered important and resourceful?

Here are some useful tips that you might want to consider in writing effective articles and increasing traffic to your site:

Applying sub-headings can be meaningful. Keep in mind that these sub-headings should be more relative and more clever. Making it cute and catchy will drive the reader to read through your article. Keep it enjoyable and strive to get the attention of the readers.

Using bullets is a smart way to attract readers and increase web traffic to your site. Articles with bullets or numbers are a lot more easier to read instead of lengthy paragraphs.

Some of the readers may get bored by just looking at long and wordy articles. So, to make it more readable, keep it short and brief.

It would be more pleasing if you use short and snappy bullets. Do not add twisting statements that will point to nowhere. Readers may not find your article pleasing.

As much as possible, you should try to have one idea of subject for every paragraph that you are writing. Users are looking for a good and readable article, which will keep them hooked on to your articles. Your readers will take more time and interest in reading the whole content of your article.
Your readers may go deep in reading your article if they find striking phrases and sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. Try to come up with phrases that are worthy to be given attention.

Credibility is considered one important key in making your article effective and stunning. Having a good web traffic for your site can be possible if your content stands out among the hundreds and thousands of web sites competing.

We all know that the web service is the ideal way to get information for a specific topic. If your article is good, try enhancing it with the use of graphic designs. It will give a stronger attention and can show proof that your site is of good quality.

Now with all the articles that you have read so far, you might have encountered an article that contains implied promotions concerning their products and services. Most of them will claim that their products and services are top-rated than any other product in the world.

It is up to you to decide whether to boast your services and products or not.

What is important is that you get the attention of your readers and keep them still in reading your articles to get the real thought.

Increasing web traffic will always go for having unique, original articles that are worth your time.

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