Increase Your Conversion Rate, Build Visitor Trust

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You have successfully set-up your website. The thing is, nobody’s buying. Why?

It’s a fact that not all visitors of your website will want to make a purchase – especially if they are first-time visitors. Somebody compared the picture to wine being poured into a funnel with leaks all over it. The wine is your website visitors – whoever decides to make a purchase gets to make it to the spout on the bottom and those who escape the leaks are the visitors who just might not visit your site again.

Don’t fret, though: there is still hope in minimizing those that escape through the leaks. Increase your visitors and you increase the chances of customers. Someone went on to say that profit is directly proportional to the product of visitors and converted customers – 100 times traffic means 100 times profit. Or simply:

Traffic times Conversion = Profits

Is this goal realistic though? Of course! If your website has a conversion rate of 3{9426e48ae5c3b3ab02332dd167966d9e9ea7aa41d6d2b8540a0550b4f9308632}, that’s not bad – but that means 97{9426e48ae5c3b3ab02332dd167966d9e9ea7aa41d6d2b8540a0550b4f9308632} of your visitors choose to “walk away” (or in this case, click another website). So how do we avoid this?

Build their trust. Make them see you as a trusted supplier. It’s easy: just feed your visitors with information that can be useful to them through an automated follow-up process. With technology being the way it is recently, this has thankfully become cheaper.

If you decide to take on this challenge of increasing your traffic and conversion rate, the first thing you need to do is to evaluate where you are right now. Evaluate the following things:

• Number of website visitors
• Location of your visitors
• Page views (and just how long people stay on these pages)
• Sales conversion rate
• “Value per Visitor”

After answering thee, then you are on the first step to luring in more customers.


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