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I just started a new yoga practice earlier this year. I have been practicing yoga for a little over a year now, but up until this point I was self-taught and doing it on my own. While I was in the studio yesterday my yoga teacher was helping me with some of my poses, I get a lot of individual attention because there are only a handful of us in each class. Super fun!  As she was helping me with a pose I started to think about how a successful yoga practice and successful business.

As entrepreneurs we sometimes wear many hats and we can get into the mindset that we need to do it all on our own and sometimes we even think it’s a sign of weakness to need someone else’s help because then we would have to admit that we don’t know it all but that’s not the truth.

So, what’s practicing yoga got to do with business?

–       You don’t know what you don’t know – I’ve been practicing for over a year on a regular basis and had been improving, able to keep my poses longer, stretching further, all was great. However, when I hired a mentor and went to the studio I soon discovered I was not doing some of the poses correctly, I was not sure how to adapt some of the poses to fit my unique body and circumstances, sometimes we need to adapt what we are doing and making slit tweaks can mean all the difference in your yoga practice and in your business. For example, I work with entrepreneurs every day that are seemingly doing all the “right” things but there results are lacking, I show them what they could not see before and bam, their business takes off to the next level. Why? Because you don’t know what you don’t know, I wasn’t aware of how to make these small tweaks in my practice just like the folks I work with weren’t aware of these small tweaks to make in their business.  How do you shift this? Accept the fact that you truly don’t know what you don’t know, be okay with and ask for help. What’s one thing you have been putting off doing that will move your business forward that you can ask for help on.

–       You need a mentor or a coach to guide you and cheer you on – Sometimes you don’t realize that you are improving, you are growing, sometimes it happens slower than you’d like, and you don’t realize how close you are to the prize. For instance, I was practicing a pose and I felt like, ugh, I just cant do it but when my yoga teacher encouraged me and showed me just how close I was, I was empowered to stay with it and next day I was able to hold the pose, pretty cool. Same thing in business, I see it all the time, and it truly breaks my heart because sometimes we don’t realize just how close we are to the prize, to the goal and we give up, we throw in the towel and stop going after our dreams. Its time to shift your mindset and be okay with needing help, you don’t need to do it alone. Working with a mentor or coach can help empower you and encourage you to go for your dreams and follow your desires. What investment in your future can you make today?

–       You can’t care what others think about you – This is a big one. I’m not sure if you have ever practiced yoga, but let me tell if you want to get the most of this incredibly beneficial practice you have to give up on worrying what others are thinking about you. If you are focusing on what others are thinking you are not focusing on yourself and being present in the moment and in the pose. Same thing in business, if you are on a sales call and the entire time you are thinking about what to say next, will this person buy or oh no, if I say that they wont like me, then you wont be in the moment and you wont do what you need to do and say what you need to say to be of service and truly move people forward. My challenge for you today, is to be more bold in your conversations, stop worrying about what others are thinking and move forward, do what is truly in your heart and follow that desire and you can’t go wrong. It isn’t always going to be easy, but it is always worth it, that I promise you.

What old beliefs are you ready to give up today so that you can realize your dreams tomorrow, what if your success was certain, what would you do? Your success is certain, go ahead and live your dreams, share your message, live life on purpose and full throttle.

If you are ready to take your business and your life to the next level and live full throttle and on purpose, I want to hear from you and I’d love to help you.

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