It Being Easy is a Lie!

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LieI used to say  it all the time to my clients, “it’s easy to make money being you”.
Well, the truth is, it is and it isn’t, the more accurate statement is, its simple making money being you, but the truth is, it actually really isn’t easy, because let’s face it, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.


Showing up, being themselves and the money would just roll in, but is that your reality? I know for myself, I was being me but still not making the bank I wanted to make. Or so I thought, what it really came down to was I was still hiding, under the facade of what I thought I needed to do, of what I thought I needed to say, of what I thought I needed to be.


Mean time, the real me, it was hiding out, stifled, shut down, and quite frankly pretty pissed off, she was working behind the scenes to try to be seen but I was ignoring her.


I was pretending she was not there, even when I saw her, I pretended, no, that’s not me, that’s someone else, that’s some else’s crap, not mine.


I pushed her down and locked her out, she tried to get my attention, she would do things like, hide my money, or keep me stuck, spinning my wheels, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I would work harder, invest more, hire another mentor, follow another formula, trying to find this missing link that linked it all together, that made it work.


Afterall, I was a survivor, I was smart, I knew my stuff, I just needed to figure out this one piece that brought it all together and made it work, so, I kept searching and searching. Afterall, I was determined to have the success that I wanted. I was determined to make this business work for me instead of me working for my business.


Following the formulas, looking for the answers, ignoring that inner voice that was screaming, please dear God, no, not this again.


All the while, what I was doing wrong was being me, I wasn’t allowing myself to be me, and as a result, well, two things really, well, two major things anyway.


  • I kept away all those ideal clients, those folks I am meant to help away, I shut them out too, because, well, they couldn’t see me, how could they, I was so caught up in what I was supposed to do, I didn’t even know who I was anymore.
  • Money dried up (this is how she was getting my attention), it showed up as a failed launch, not knowing the next step, unexpected bills, unexpected circumstances


Every once and while, I would say f**k it, and would surrender, and magically things would start to happen, the money would come in, the way would show up. And then, I tried to scale it up, and of course, what did I do, I looked to follow the formula for how to do that, and got lost again, and well, then my ideal clients couldn’t see me and the money dried up.


It go over and over again, and it would have continued, indefinitely, and it did for a while, until I made a new choice. And then, I did it, I decided, you know what, I know exactly who I am, and I know exactly why I am here, and I claimed it, I decided it, I chose it and everything started to line up for me, the clients, the money, the freedom. And then I had to choose it again and again, and again, and again, every day, I choose it, everyday I claim it, I decide it, and I declare it, over and over again, until what I want becomes mine. I train my brain everyday, to do what I want, some days it’s easier than others, and sometimes I fall flat. We are all human after all and sometimes, you know, you just have an off day, you shrug it off and keep on going because that’s what it takes.


Its really simple to create success, to make money being you, but no, it’s not really easy, although it does become easier, as you accept more and more of yourself, without judgement, without wondering if you are good enough, or worthy enough or deserving enough. Because the truth is, you already are all of those things, you just need to decide that you are, claim it, and make a new choice.


You can make a new choice right now. The ball is in your court, you decide your fate, not someone else, the power is all yours.
What do you choose?
I would love to hear from you, reply back to me in email or write a comment.


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Love and blessings,

Xox, Kim


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