It’s a done deal

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What you desire is already a done deal. 
It’s the law. 
You say you want it. 
Then it’s yours.
There is nothing that you need to prove. 
You do “need” to be it though.
Your inner being already is it.
The moment you decide you want it. 
You become it.
Well, the bigger part of you does.
And then of course, you likely, introduce resistance to it.
Because, well, that’s how we are programmed.
To fight the hard battle.
To prove our worth.
Our battle. 
It doesn’t have to be this way. 
You get to decide. 
You get to choose.
No need to prove.
Just be you.
Be you.
Be who you have become. 
That version of yourself that your higher self already is. 
The moment you decide you want it.
Whatever it is that you want.
You become it. 
Now, you have to become it. 
But there is nothing to prove. 
Just decide. 
That you already are that. 
Act that way.
Be that way.
See it that way.
Live it that way.
No matter what you want.
And, no matter, where you are.
You can get to where it is you want to be.
But, you gotta be willing to look the other way.
To let go of the grudges. 
The self-judgment.
The injustices.
The bigger part of you doesn’t see things that way.
It certainly doesn’t focus there. 
Which is why when you do, you feel so crappy. 
So, why do you focus there?
Because that is what we are taught. 
But I promise you, there is no need. 
Let it go.
What you want.
It’s already here.
It’s a done deal. 
Start acting that way. 
Start living it.
Start focusing there. 
And it will change. 
Whatever it is that you want to change. It will change if you allow it. 
Are you willing?
You are worthy beyond words.
There is nothing to prove. 
Whatever you want, it is yours.
It is there for the taking. 
If you are willing to do the work. 
The “hard” work of allowing. 
Allowing what you want to be yours. 
No struggle or sacrifice or hard work required. 
You already know how to manifest your desires. 
Your thoughts. 
Your thoughts become things. 
Your thoughts guide what you attract. 
Your feelings are your gauge of how close you are to having what you want.
You can’t feel bad getting there and then expect to get something good. 
It’s not about going through the motions. 
Think about what you want.
Visualize what you want.
Act “as if”.
There is no point. 
Unless, of course, you really do it. 
There is no point in going through the motions. 
You must be it.
Feel it.
Believe it. 
Get there however you need to get there. 
But don’t “just” go through the motions. 
Feel your way through the emotions. 
Make your priority feeling good.
And you will have good to feel about.
But first, no matter where you are, you must find a way to feel good. 
If you can do that, regardless of the circumstances then you can do anything.
You can create a business that serves you.
You can have the life you truly desire. 
But, you gotta get there in your head first, in your emotions first, in your vibration first. 
Then, you will get there in your “reality”.
I believe in you. 
I know you have what it takes. 
Keep on going. 
No matter how bleak things look.
You got this.
What you want.
It’s a done deal!

Now act that way, be that way, breathe that way. 

Life is supposed to be good. 

Have fun.

Much love, xox, Kim 

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Talk soon! 

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