It’s time to wake up!

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TimeToWakeUpOkay, so enough with the fucking around it’s time to wake up and snap out of this self imposed prison of BS lies, disbelief, and total shit you created cause you can’t really believe you have a right to be here, to have a better life and actually create something you want.




It’s time baby!


And staying hiding, playing small, and pretending you don’t want the thing that you really want isn’t going to go away until you actually do the thing you want to do and create the life you want to live, and the business that actually allows you to do that instead of imprisoning you in it.


You’ve got a calling, you got a burning desire inside of you to play a bigger game
To make a difference

To live the life you want to live

To NOT Give a shit about others may think or say about you

What others think or do or say about you, has NOTHING to do with YOU and has everything to do with them, so get over that shit and show the F up so that you can do what you came here to do.


Nobody else is going to do it for you

Nobody else can do it for you.

It’s you baby!

It’s always been you!

All you got is YOU!

Are you ready to start acting like it?


Giving a shit what others think about what your truth is only keeps you STUCK and second guessing yourself, not to mention unhappy, unfulfilled, and not making the money you require to live the life you really want to live.


You know, the one that scares the crap out of you because it’s so big and bad and scary, yeah, that one.

The one you secretly dream about and wish were true but you don’t seem to have the balls to actually do something about.


But what if you can’t do it

What if you aren’t good enough

Smart enough

Powerful enough

Good looking enough



BUT what if

You actually are good enough

Smart enough

Powerful enough

YOU are enough

You are powerful enough


In fact, you are powerful beyond measure, more than you even know, or could fathom, but you actually know that already, don’t you.


And the truth is, it scares the crap out of you, cause you are that powerful, you are that great, you have just been buying into the BS lies and misbelief and creating your life by default.

Based on what you think you can have.

What you think you should want.

What others want for you.

What others told you can have.

What others told you you deserve


Fuck that, it’s time to wake the fuck up, and the time is now.

The only time you have is now, like right here, right now in this moment, that’s it.


Nothing else exists except for right now.

Everything else either already happened or hasn’t happened yet.

Stop letting life pass you by, start creating the life you love.


The power you seek outside of you, it’s in you baby, you are that power, you are that mighty, you can have anything you desire, anything, those secret dreams, those fantasies, they are yours, wish granted.

Stop hoping and start doing, you can have it all, it all starts with a choice, a decision, right here, right now in this moment, to take your life by the horns, to put fear, and worry and doubt in the backseat, to drive your destiny, as the creator you already are, to make besties with faith, and gratitude and forgiveness.


You can do it, it all starts with a decision.


Remember, #ItsNowOrNever, #RockYourLimits


With love,

xoxo, Kim


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