Law of attraction not working for you?

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Law of attraction not working for you

Law of attraction not working for you

Is The Law of attraction not working for you?

You believe in the law of attraction.

You even use the law of attraction.

But it doesn’t always work?


Not for you, anyway!

You try to be happy.

You try to be positive

And grateful.


But let’s be honest.

How well is that working for you?


Do you have what you want?


What you really want?

Are you doing the things you want to do?

Really want to do?




Are you settling?


Barely scraping by?


Once again?


You’re a survivor

You’re a fighter.

You’d like to be a warrior.

You’d like to be thriving.


But you are fighting this battle with an empty gun.

You’ve got no ammo.

And why are you fighting anyway?


Oh, that’s right.

You don’t have what you want.

Not really.


You have been trying to stay positive.

Stay motivated.

To do the “right” things.

To get it “right”.

To follow the plan.


But your enemy knows you too well.

And like we already said.

You are fighting on empty.


Your enemy, she knows you so well.

All your moves.

All your throws.

All your punches.

All your kicks.


She knows where your weak spots are.

And she knows how to use them.

Against you.


You don’t ever even see her coming.

Until it’s too late.

She gets you when you least expect it.

She sneak attacks and takes you down.

When you least expect it.

And you sink.


Further down into the trenches.

Deeper and deeper into the hole.

The hole that you freaking dug.

She got your agreement on that.

But it’s too late.

You’re already there.

Can’t turn it around.

You did this.

The enemy is YOU.


You know yourself so well yet not at all because she got you. AGAIN!


You fell for her tricks.

You were close.

Oh, you were so close this time.

So close to freedom yet you let it slip right between your fingers.

You didn’t even have a fighting chance.


No, Not really


She knows you too well.

And you’ve been conditioned to fall prey to her.

All of your weaknesses in full view and she knows them all.

She uses them all.

Afterall, she is you and you are her.


So why can’t you outsmart her?


Because my friend, you are going about it the wrong way.


You cannot get there from here.


It’s NOT your fault


You’ve been conditioned and trained for years, for a lifetime, really to be her servant.

To be her slave.

It’s how you survived.

All those years.

She kept you safe.

Locked away in her depths.

Tricking you.

Luring you to “safety” (well, perceived safety anyway)

Telling you that you aren’t good enough.

Or smart enough.

Or worthy enough.

That you don’t have what it takes.

Luring you to come back to safety.

Come back, and I will hold you and coddle you and make everything okay.

She lured you in.

She got your agreement.

And then, then, she made you do her dirty work.

She always does.

That bitch!


It’s not your fault.


You’ve been conditioned.

You’ve been programmed.

To be a “good girl”.

To turn your light down.

To turn your emotions down.

To turn away from the pain.

The hurt.

The shame.

To bury it deep.




Down in the depths of your mind where nobody can see it.

Where you cannot use it.

Where you cannot access it.


But your enemy can and she does.

For this kind of power cannot be tamed.

It cannot be tucked away, locked away, oh no, it must be used.


And your enemy uses it, against you, with your agreement.

That fucking bitch.

How could she?


She pulls out the big guns when you try to get away from her lies and illusions when you try to “be positive”.

When you try to act the part.

When you try to escape from her grips to freedom and liberation.

When you try to fly.

When you try to control it.

To control her.


Ah, that’s where she got you.

That’s where you got it all wrong.

For she can NOT be controlled.

She cannot be tamed.



Not this way.

No, never.

Not her.


She waits in the shadows in the depths of your mind.

She finds her way in through the tiny crack of doubt, worry, fear.


She confuses you.

You are overwhelmed now.

You just want it to STOP, you want it to go away.


And that’s when she really takes hold.

She preys on your need.


For safety.

For security.

For love.


Once you get to this point.


It’s too late.


She’s got you in her grips.

You’ve lost control.

The more you try to control it the worse it gets.

And the worse it gets the worse it gets.


You cry out.

You scream.

You beg.

You plead.

Just make it stop.


But it gets worse.

And worse.


Finally, you run back to “safety” as you run back to her.

Your enemy.

She got you.

She won!



As she always does in the end.

You lost the fight, the battle.


But the war goes on.

You won’t give up.

You cant this is your life.

This is your freedom.


You retreat.

You fall back.

You come up with a new plan.

To win the war.

To finally liberate yourself from the grips of hell.

From the illusions you’ve created, that she’s created.

From the circumstances.


You hire someone else to help you.

Just barely enough to keep up the facade.

To make it through.

You take action on the plan.


Things start to turn around.

Things are getting better.


But you are waiting.

As you always do.

For the other shoe to drop.


For the enemy to counterattack.

For her to pull you in and get you in her grips again.


You know it will be soon.


This is battle.

This is war.

You must fight.

She must fight.


You cannot let your guard down.

Not even for a moment.

It’s too risky.

It threatens you.

It frightens you.


Beast mode all the way.

There is no freaking way she is going to get you this time.


You put on your happy face and you do all the things to get you where you want to go.

To get you to your breakthrough.

Kicking and screaming.

Fighting and clawing.

Your way to the top.


You get there.

You made it.

You got your goal.

You got your result.


Finally, you have won!


You think it really is going to be okay this time.

You beat her.

You tricked her.

You let your guard down.

A sigh of relief washes over you and you feel the pressure melt away.

The stress begins to dissipate.

You feel free.

You feel relaxed.

Your guard is down now, after all, you feel so good.

You made it.

You finally broke free.


Or so you thought…


For this is the moment your enemy has been waiting for.

When you felt that sign of relief.

When you made the money.

You hit that goal.

It sneaks in.


It starts with a little doubt.

“What if it doesn’t last?”

The whispers are faint and low.

They sound more like your intuition than your enemy.

And you start to think…


What if that little voice is right?

What if the other shoe drops?


The doubt begins to turn to whispers of worry.

And the next thing you know you cannot sleep at night.

You’re worried.

About everything….


What if you can’t keep it up?

What if it stops working?

What if it stops flowing?

What if you aren’t good enough?

Worthy enough?

Deserving enough?


The worry soon turns to fear and that’s when all hell breaks loose.


The things that got you here are no longer working.


The fear kicks into overdrive and the circumstances you’ve worked so freaking hard to create begin to turn on you.


Before long all your doubts and worries and fears have manifested into your reality.

And the perfect illusion is orchestrated to stop you.

To pull you back down for the enemy to get her grips in you.

Yet again.

You are tired and exhausted from the battle of the previous fights.


You yell and scream and fight but the battle has already been won by your enemy before you ever began.

Before you even realized.


You surrender.

You retreat.


Back to the ways things used to be before you got this glorious idea that you can control your reality.

That you can control your circumstances.

That you can change your life.

On a dime.

That you really can live your dreams and desires.

That you can stop the cycle.

That you can be free.


It’s not your fault.

That you lost.

That you are sinking.




Into debt.

Into dissatisfaction.

Into pain.

Doubt, worry, fear.


No, it’s NOT your fault


You’ve been programmed and conditioned.

By life.

By society.

By your family.

By your circumstances.


You try not to be a victim of life.  

You get that you create your reality.

But really.

It sucks.

And why would you do this?

It makes no sense?


Again, it’s NOT your fault.




It is your responsibility to fix it.

In fact, you’re the only one that can fix it.

Not that you’re broken.

Because you are not.


No matter what you’re feeling right now.

Sitting there nodding your head.

Fuck you, if only you understood.


Oh, my friend but I do.

How do you think I know?


I get that it doesn’t feel good.

And I get that you’d like to play the blame game.


I get it.

I really freaking do.


But, you can’t get where you want to go with that attitude. With that game.

You can’t get to where you want to go, not from there.


But you can get there.

Where it is that you want to go.

You can change it.

You can take back your power.

You can have freedom.

You can “beat” your enemy.

You can be liberated.

You can have it all.

All that you truly desire.

Those desires that you’ve tucked away.

The ones you don’t even want to admit that you have.

Yeah, those.


You can change your life, on a dime.

And it can be lasting change.

You can stop the cycle.

You can change your circumstances.

You really can liberate yourself.


But you can’t get there from here.

You can’t do it by fighting your enemy.


No, not at all


The way to “beat” her, the enemy, your mind, your ego.

Is to join forces.

To unite.

The only way out is through.


That’s it.


End of story.


It’s the ONLY way!


I know, I know. It doesn’t make any sense.

You’ve been trying.

Your entire life to win this battle.

To control your mind.

To take back your power.


Why on earth would you join forces with the enemy?


It doesn’t make any sense?


So why?


Because this enemy that we speak of, the enemy in your mind.

She is you.

The other half of you.

She is your shadow to your light.

Like the left to your right.

She is the missing link.

The missing piece of the puzzle that you’ve been searching for.

That you’ve been seeking.

She is you and you are her.


But you’ve been fighting her.

All these years.

Making her wrong.

For how she feels.

For the circumstances she’s created when you were trying to fight your way to the top, to get what you want.


Only you didn’t realize.

How powerful she is.

How she never really was the enemy at all.

Actually, she’s always been your ally.


But you never really understood what she was trying to tell you.

You didn’t realize.

You didn’t know you can use her power.

And let’s be honest.

You already know how damn powerful she is.

After all, look at what she’s created in her wake.

Look at what she’s done in your life.


Imagine what it would be like to join forces with her?

To have her as your ally!

To be able to use her power.

To no longer be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

To finally achieve your dreams.

And desires.

And hopes.

And goals and wishes.

To finally have it all!


To let go of the doubt.

The worry.

The fear!

To have this powerful ally on your team in life!

To turn your weaknesses into your “superpowers”


Are you ready?

To rise up?

To break free?

To liberate you?


You are a warrior!


You were NOT meant to bow your head down and be a “good girl”.

The mainstream way of getting what you want does not work for you.

It’s incomplete.

You don’t have to work harder to beat this.

To beat your enemy.

To try and be happy and positive.

And “manifest.

How’s that shit working for you anyway?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.


You can’t bury that part of you.

That part of you that holds your power.

You can’t bury her and not expect it to come out in dysfunctional ways.


She is strong.

She wants what she wants.

She is going to use her power.

You may as well direct it.


Otherwise, she will continue to wreak havoc on your life.

She will continue to sabotage your success.

She will continue to fight you every step of the way.

2 steps forward 4 steps back.


It’s time to join forces with her.

It’s time to be all of YOU!

It’s time to stop pretending.

To stop putting up the facade.

To stop stuffing it down.


Your passion.

Your feelings.

Your anger.

Your rage.






You need to use that shit girl.

Use that as fuel.

To create the life you really want.

The life you really desire.

The one you don’t even tell anyone about.

The one you dare not speak of.


Use her, use her power, join forces with her.

Join forces with your shadow and use her power to take back control of your life once and for all.


What would it be like to finally feel free and not be waiting for the other shoe to drop, constantly?


It’s exhausting.

It’s draining.

It’s no way to live your life.

It’s not sustainable.

And it sure a heck isn’t any fun, ha, do you even remember what that feels like? Fun, that is?


Do you know what it would feel like NOT to:




To sleep, soundly?

To wake up and NOT have to figure your how you are going to survive another day?


Can you actually even imagine what that feels like?





Maybe for a moment or two?


A day?

A week?

A month?

A year? If you are “lucky”?


But you know what that feels like, right?


That feeling you have been chasing, for years?

That blissed out feeling.

That carefree feeling.

That carefree attitude.

The flowing money.

The joy.

The peace

The calm.

Being all of you.

Unapologetically you.

Accepting, of you.


Breathe that in.


Remember, what that feels like?


Isn’t that what this has been all about?


Chasing those feelings?

Trying to get to that place where you can feel.

Where you can breathe.

Where you can live like you are on vacation.

A life you don’t actually need a vacation from?


Where you no longer have to pretend that you feel that way.

Because you do feel that way, for real.

Where you no longer have to imagine what it feels like because you are living it.

Day in and day out.


Welcome to your new life.


I’m so glad you said yes to you, to walking this path.


To liberate yourself from yourself.

To say yes to you.


Keep breathing it in, all of it,  it’s available to you.


Right here, right now.

You can have it.


But you gotta choose it.

And keep on choosing it.


Of course, it’s your choice.

It’s always your choice.


Would you like to join me?


I’ll be your guide, you lead the way, joining forces with your shadow, your true self, all of YOU.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this, together.

Your choice.

What do you choose?

Will you come?

Are you ready?

Let’s do this.

The time is now.

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