Are You Leveraging Your Business?

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LeverageOne of the fastest and easiest ways to leverage your business and take it to the next level is by leveraging what you are already doing that is working well with proper systems in your biz.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business, 5 figures, 6 figures, 7 figures or you are just starting out you can leverage some or many parts of your business using systems.

Let’s start with operations, ie. how you run your business for an operational standpoint, ie. getting stuff done. Systematizing your operations will prevent randomness and chaos and will keep your business stable and organized. Businesses that run smoothly are built around an effective system. Building your business around an effective system will make it more productive, which translates to higher profit and earnings, period.

Now let’s look at delegating, before we even think about delegating I want to emphasize that you should have at least the bare bones minimum of a system in place. Trust me, I see it all too often, business owners are hiring the wrong people to do the wrong job and they get upset when they don’t perform to their expectations. Here’s the thing though, as the business owner it is your responsibility to know the system, I am not saying the nitty gritty details but you have to get it to a degree or it just doesn’t work.

Systems are key to proper delegation. Large companies and corporations have different departments like human resource, sales, IT, and so on. If you have a smaller business, you should hire good employees and/or subcontractors that have different specialties, ie. experts that know what they are doing, as much as it would be great to hire a Jack of all trades or a Jill of all trades there becomes a point where one person (perhaps you right now) cannot do it all effectively.

Now, let’s actually take a look at systems more specifically. Almost all companies and businesses today use the computer that allows them to work more efficiently and conveniently. For instance, there are file share systems such as DropBox or automating your scheduling with TimeTrade.

Finally, you want to make sure you are using good processes and procedures that everyone should follow—from recruitment to resignation and from opening to closing. It is important to follow these procedures to the letter to keep your business running smoothly.

If you are frustrated with the amount of time you are spending working on your business the first step is to start to put some basic systems and processes in place that allow you to automate and your business.

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