Light on Our Path: Navigating our Way through Life with Wisdom by Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn

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Light on our pathIn a subtle yet compelling way, we are attuned to the rhythms of life, to the movements of the planets and the breathing of the multiplicity of stars in a multitude of universes. Each of us, as an individual spark of life, is affected by the on-going, ever-evolving exchange of creativity that is, simply, the symphony of life.  But, we are also beings capable of adding our own unique voices, and when we do that, life for all is forever changed.

Through understanding and living our ‘Human Design’, we bring ourselves back into harmony with the creative symphony, we ‘tune’ ourselves into the frequency of creativity that has been, and always will be, if only we can perceive it.  We get out of our own way, stop creating chaos for ourselves, and begin aligning with a pulse of truth that runs deep within all of life, and within us.  When we do that, we awaken.

Human Design is an awareness tool that was given to us, specifically for these times, as a simple and direct way to help us realign with our truth and live our lives in creative contribution to the human-divine symphony.  We can only do that well, when we live authentically, from our truth.

When we first discover our Human Design, we may feel that we are encountering ourselves in an entirely new way, but actually, something inside us resonates to it, we intuitively know it, we recognize that we are finally getting the ‘keys to our life’ revealed to us.

As a human family, we are evolving rapidly.  We now have a global awareness that has never before been available to us…

  • We sit in our home in Sydney, Australia, and attend a live-streamed event being produced in Portland, Oregon.
  • We cry with tears of recognition when we hear the stories of our brothers and sisters who may come from a different nation, speak a different language, have different colored skin, yet, are ever so like us in every fundamental way.
  • We get beamed photos of other planets in our solar system from satellites we have launched into space.
  • We text a friend, tune in with a mentor through Facebook, Skype with a family member touring the South of France, and join a Google hangout, all in an afternoon.

However hesitantly, science and religion are reaching the same conclusions about the nature of life, and our role within it. 

Consider for a moment, how much life has changed since 1913, a mere 100 years!

It is becoming increasingly imperative that we evolve not only our scientific and technological understanding, but our consciousness.  Our rapid acceleration from the horse and buggy to super-sonic jets has created an existential dilemma that can only be resolved by the evolution of our consciousness.  As Einstein said, the problems we create cannot be resolved at the same level of consciousness from which they were created.

To improve our human experience, we must shift our paradigm. We must embrace the realization that we are One; one life, one human family evolving on a relatively small star system in a rather obscure corner of the universe.  Understanding and living our Human Design gives us the awareness to make a quantum leap in our conscious evolution.

We are indeed living in interesting times!  The most important and impactful thing we can do to assist in the current world crisis of consciousness is to become clear within ourselves, align with our Highest Self, and fully live the life we were meant to life. Living true to ourselves, we become empowered; we remember that we are co-creating this life.

In this way, we contribute substantially to the current global awakening, and the dawning of an Age of Brotherhood-Sisterhood.

About Carola and Chetan: Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn bring over thirty years of Human Design knowledge to help individuals embrace their authentic selves, meet their personal and business goals, and follow dreams that are true to their nature. After authoring Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be, the first major book on the subject, Chetan skyrocketed to an international reputation, and has assisted thousands of people on their personal and professional journey. Carola is a highly acclaimed astrological consultant and counselor.


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