Magnetize Your Clients with Ease!

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Magnetize Your Clients

The intention of this guided visualization is to help you easily magnetize your ideal clients so that they come to you instead of you chasing them. This mediation will help you magnetize your clients with ease and joy and of course, you will still be required to take physical action in the 3rd dimension to bring this to fruition, however, this visualization will help you to call them in 🙂

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  • Get comfortable and closes your eyes, set your intention to reach all those that are seeking your services.
  • Drop your energy from your head into your heart, and imagine a beautiful ball of golden light in your heart space.
  • Breathe in this golden light from your heart into your solar plexus and allow it to sit there
  • Breathe in this golden light from your solar plexus to your sacral chakra and allow it to sit there
  • Breathe in this golden light from your sacral chakra to your root chakra  and allow it to sit there
  • Breathe in this golden light from your root chakra out your legs and out your feet and allow it sit there
  • Breathe in this golden light from your feet and out your feet through to the ground of the earth, all the way through the core of mother earth and as you breathe this golden light through the core of mother earth imagine it reaching all those who are seeking.
  • Imagine this golden energy spreading out across the entire earth all the way through the core and spreading out further and further as this golden energy magnetizes your ideal clients to you.
  • Now, breathe in this golden light one more time from mother earth and through your feet, and up your legs
  • From your legs through your root chakra
  • From your root chakra through your sacral chakra
  • From your sacral chakra through your solar plexus
  • From your solar plexus through your heart chakra
  • From your heart chakra through your throat chakra
  • From your throat chakra through your 3rd eye chakra
  • From your 3rd eye chakra up through your crown chakra and allow this golden energy to surround and envelope you.

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Then use, my 5 step formula to take action and bring clients in with ease 🙂

Step 1 – Decide

The first thing you want to do is decide that you want and will accomplish a specific goal or target, once you make the decision, you need to cut off all possibility of slipping back as well, that is definition of a decision, to cut off. It sounds simple yet this is a very important step in the process.

Okay cool, so we make a decision that we are going to for instance, create and additional $2500 in revenue in our business. Declare this, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it where you can see it. As Napoleon Hill says “A dream is just a goal with a deadline” and you are much more likely to reach your goals when you write them down and declare what they are, especially when you do them in public. In fact, why not declare what your goal/intention is for the next 30 days below in the comments section? I would love to hear from you!

Now, we want to adopt a mindset that you can and will do this, trust me, once you make a declaration like this those gremlins in your head start talking and telling you its not possible, you cant do it, whatever, comes up for you, fill in the blank, be prepared for this and don’t let it in.

Here is my 3 step process for reaching any goal/target with ease:

Step 1 – Get clear on what you want, in physical form but also and more importantly in how you want to feel on the inside. Remember, success first is an inside job.

Step 2 – Think it, feel it, be it – visualize what you want and live in the feeling, like attracts like.

Step 3 – Get into action!

Speaking of action, lets get on to step 2!

Step 2 – Position

You need to position yourself as the go to person to help your ideal clients solve a specific problem. Here are some key areas to consider:

–       Know who your ideal client is

–       Know what problem your ideal client wants to solve

–       Know the results people get from working with you

–       Know how to price your products and services

From this standpoint you can now position your products and services to attract your ideal clients to you.

Speaking of attracting, that brings me to step 3.

Step 3 – Attract

Now we are really getting into to action and making things happen to speak. Now that you are clear on your positioning allow your ideal clients to be attracted to you.

–       Build your pipeline

–       Spend time each day marketing your business, even 30 minutes a day will do wonders.

–       Identify low hanging fruit

–       Identify hidden opportunities in your biz

Need some ideas for client attraction? Click here 

Step 4 – Enroll

Now that you have been out taking action and having initial conversations with people it is time to turn those initial conversations into enrollment conversations. This step is all about inviting people into a structured conversation with you so that you can determine if in fact, you can help them solve their problem. Once you determine that you can help them solve their problem its time to enroll them into your product and or services.

If you need help with enrolling clients easily, check out my step-by-step “Insider Secrets to Get Clients FAST! Client Enrollment” system here.

5 – Celebrate

Whoohoo! You did it! Now its time to celebrate your new clients and your hard work and do it all over again! It may seem trivial and honestly, I used to skip this step but I found that it is really important, no matter how small the win may seem at the time its important to celebrate your victories so to speak, otherwise what’s the point right?

If you’d like to learn more about this system and more detailed step by step then join me in the self-study program, Insider Secrets to get Clients FAST! here.

xox, Kim



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