Are You Making Decisions from Truth?

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A universal truth, especially one that pertains to productivity and business, is a simple statement that applies to every business i.e., big or small, local or international, product or service, online or conventional, etc. Universal truths are general statements that are true per se. Here is a secret; the same can be “truer” if patterned after your own business requirements and realities.

 1.   Due Diligence is Key!

In every business, from its establishment, to its management, assessment, closure, etc., due diligence must always be present. This means researching every aspect of the business you are about to put up. But it does not stop there! Due diligence should also be present in the day to day management of the business! Then there is the weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual assessment.


Due diligence must again be present in identifying useful acts and wasteful acts. In fact, it would be better to just say, that due diligence must always be at the back of each person’s mind. Tip: due diligence changes depending on the situation. There are some cases where extraordinary diligence is needed. There are cases where ordinary diligence is more than enough.  A caveat though, there is a thin line between due diligence and overkill diligence.

 2.  Provide Value!

The value of a product or service determines the willingness of a consumer to part with his/her hard earned money. The more value, the more willingness. This value can be both real and perceived. The former must be in the base of everything you do! Simply put, your product and/or service must answer a specific human need or want and do it better or at least as good as the competition. The latter is largely dependents on the perception of your consumer base. Remember, perception has one foot in reality. This means actual value plays apart. The other foot is on perceived value which is a little harder to gauge, but can be triggered by a catalyst. The crux is finding the right catalyst/s.

3.  Be Relevant!

Relevance is one part value and another part timeliness. For example, a winter coat has value to a person who lives in states with harsh winters. But it is only relevant during the winter months. Granted, in reality, the relevance of a product or service will not be easily perceived. This is especially true if you want to pioneer that product or service.  Tip: relevance can be real and induced.

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