Mindset Hack: Allow it to be easy!

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Mindset Hack: Allow it to be easy and it will be!

Ever have those moments when things just click, into place.
And suddenly you are like, man, I have been waiting for this and where have you been all my life? 
Kind of moments?

I remember a few of them over the years. 
Like the time, when I felt the shame wash over me and it really became crystal clear what my purpose was, and it all clicked into place why all the things that I have been through, and overcome and all that really were my greatest gift.

When you make a decision to go all in and be all of you and everything just starts to click.
It’s like, the fear washes away and it just doesn’t matter.
You go for it anyway.

I had one of those moments these past few days. 
Another layer of shame washing away. 
Another layer of me clicking into place. 
Another layer of me giving myself permission to have it be easy.
To have it be fun.
Another layer of allowing. 
All of me.
And appreciation.
For me. 
All of me.
The good, the bad the ugly.
It all merging together and realizing that everything is just perfect the way that it is.
Total surrender.
And total remembering. 
Of who you really are. 
Not who you think we are.
In your limited self image. 
But, who you really are. 
In your infinite self.

ANd that’s when I realized. 
I do this all the time.
It’s how I have gotten pretty much all the things that matter to me.

It’s how you pretty much get all the things that matter to you. 
You just decide. 
And then you be.

Just like that.
It really is as simple as that. 
Sometimes, not so easy, which is why we have mentors and coaches and friends to help us along the wa.
But really.
It actually is that simple.

If you want something you decide you want it.
Then you be it.
That version of you that already has it.
You do the things that version of you would do if you did already have it.
Because, somewhere, out there, there is a version of you that already has it. 
Tap into her
And be her now and watch your life change. 
Need some help? Check out this video I made here: https://rockyourlimits.com/mindset-hack.html

You can decide to be whatever it is you want to be and you can be her now.
You can choose it.
At any moment.
There is no waiting required. 
There is no struggle required.

That is a human condition.
It can be that way, if you choose it. 
But struggle and suffering, and waiting, those are all choices. 
You can choose something else.

So why not choose?
Something different?
Try it on.
To see how it fits.
To be bold.
To go after what you want?

Then, watch it work.
Just like magic. 
Click together. 
Like it always does. 
When you give yourself permission.

Permission to be.
All of you.
Fully you.

Stand up for you.
For what you want. 
Let everything else fall to the wayside.
And be you.
Totally and unapologetically you.

Let the chips fall where they may.
And be YOU.
All of you!
Let go of it.
All of it that you are holding onto so tightly.
Grasping so hard to what you want.
So hard in fact. 
You can’t actually even get what you want.
And if even if you did, you can’t hold on because what it took to get you it is too much to bear, all the freaking time.

So let go.
STOP giving a flying F*ck what others think, might say, do say etc. 
Let go of the filters. 
And show up. 
As you.

Go for it NOW!
Take the leap.
Go all in.

Like all the way in. 
Will you meet resistance?

Will it be worth it?
oh , yeah, baby, it will. 
It’s always worth it.
When you show up, fully as you, and be you, and keep on going.

So, if you have been holding back. 
Or thinking you need to wait your turn.
Or that you cannot approach that person.
Or you cannot do that thing that has been on your heart, forever then this is the sign you have been waiting for.

Go all in.


You totally got this. 
And you won’t ever regret going all in on your dreams.

For real, have you ever heard of a person that regretted going after what they wanted? Ah, no, I highly doubt it.

So, what are you waiting for?
The waters just fine.
Jump in.
Take the leap.

You totally got this.
Life is waiting.


xox, Kim

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MindSet Hack: Allow it to be easy and it will be. #rockyourlimits #biztalk #mindset


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