Online Business Manager = Website Manager

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Today’s technology says that for any business to survive, it should have a website. Not all business owners, though, are born with a talent to manage their own websites – or even the time to learn how. This is but another reason to hire an Online Business Manager – an OBM would know how to manage your website and more.

Managing websites is not as easy you may think. It entails a lot of work that an OBM sure can handle. Some of those website management tasks are:

1. Create new websites (e.g. when there are new products, etc.)
2. Update website contents
3. Hire and manage needed web and graphic designers, even copywriters
4. Set-up “subscribe button” for list building
5. Allows online purchase through a “buy button”
6. Tests all links and works out the kinks
7. Ensure that all your websites have Google Analytics
8. Make certain that social media plug-ins are installed
9. Collects testimonials to place in site
10. Build a page with all your products and services

See, managing a website is not that easy. But if you hire an OBM now, then it becomes a piece of cake!


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