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With today’s inevitable global crisis and rising unemployment rate, many people are resorting to having their own businesses. Their primary reasons would be first, to generate more income or to experience financial freedom and second, to have a control of their schedule or to enjoy the luxury of time.

Before, there was only this traditional business, which was usually limited to the wealthy people. But in this internet age, another type of business is offered and it is called the online business. To start may seem easy, however, just like the brick and mortar type, online businesses cannot do well or these cannot be established without having professional assistance. That is why an online business manager is in high demand.

An Online Business Manager (OBM) is a virtual professional who is an expert in supervising day-to-day projects, operations, development of sales and team members. The OBM’s focus  is  helping the business owner manage the business and achieve his/her goals, too. Bascially, it is the job of the OBM to make sure stuff gets done so that the business owner can focus on doing what only he can do!

A good OBM is highly experienced in administrative tasks and project operations. He must also possess skills such as leadership, organizational, creative thinking and business planning. He must be knowledgeable in using the available online tools and systems. Moreover, he should also have a professional background in internet related activities such as website design and maintenance, marketing, research, online publishing, driving traffic, blogging and customer support.

By utilizing his skills and online expertise, an online business manager can greatly contribute to the growth of a virtual business.


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