Quality Of Traffic versus Quantity Of Traffic

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A very important concept to constantly have in your mind when you are going about your daily IM activities is that your goal is to sell your product. Your goal isn’t to generate a million zillion visitors in a day. No, not at all. What you want to do is make a sale. It is crucial to always remember that when you are going about your traffic generating activities.

The first thing to never be tempted by is someone who offers to send you 10000 visitors for say $67. These visitors are never going to buy from you and are just people who get paid a little percentage to visit your site for about half a second before immediately getting off again. It is a useless source of traffic and one that will never pay off.

Moving on from there you will want to have your focus on looking for targeted traffic and the more highly targeted the better. If you are trying some search engine optimization then it is a really good idea to think carefully about terms the people most likely to buy your product would put into a search engine. General terms tend to have a far lower conversion rate that of more specific terms. Usually more specific terms are longer and more easy to rank highly for so these are the best one’s to go for. For example, 40 highly targeted visitors per day may produce a sale per day that would take 200 visitors from a more general keyword.

If you can target highly relevant forums and make interesting, informative and educational posts then even if the forum doesn’t have that many members you can still make a lot of sales because you are giving people exactly what they want. This would be far better to do than go posting on a more general forum, albeit with a far bigger audience, hoping that people who want it happen to find you. Better to go and find them yourself!

In summing up remember to never lose sight of your goal which is to make sales, not to get the most traffic any website has ever got in the history of the web, and to do this all you need is a reasonable quantity of highly targetted traffic.


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