The real reason you don’t have it yet

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You say that you want to be somewhere 

In your business

In your life. 

But you are NOT there. 

There is a reason.

And it’s not what you think. 

That you’re not good enough.

Or smart enough. 

Or just haven’t figured it out yet. 

Well, maybe that is the reason.

But there is a reason beyond that. 

The real reason. 

Why you haven’t figured it yet. 

Haven’t gotten there. 

Why you don’t think you are good enough. 

If only you could find it. 

You are searching for it.

You see others have what you want. 

But you can’t seem to get your hands on it. 

But you try. 

Boy oh boy do you ever try.

You trade your life for trying. 

But you don’t ever really get there. 

You get a taste, here and there, but nothing sustainable. 

The “real” reason you are not where you want to be is because you have NOT chosen to be there. 

Instead, you have chosen to be somewhere else. 

In the defeat. 

In the game, 

Of figuring it out.

Of becoming worthy. 

Or having your ducks in a row. 

NEWS FLASH: YOU are worthy NOW. 

There is nothing to figure out. 

Unless of course, you keep saying there is something to figure out. 

But either way, the reason you don’t have what you want is because you have NOT chosen it. 

Chose it and everything will change. 

It will change on a dime. 

But nothing changes. 

Until you decide. 

Until you chose it. 

What do you choose?

It’s a simple decision, really. 

But no one can make that choice but you. 

You decide. 

You choose. 

It’s your life. 

What are you waiting for?

Permission granted. 

There is nothing to prove. 

You are worthy. 

You are enough.


End of story. 

Your choice, as always. 


Much love, xox, Kim

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