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Unlock True Freedom – Your Stepping Stone to a 6+ Figure Business as a Coach or Creative, No Masks, No Exhausting Guru Rules, Just Business on Your Terms!

Build a strong foundation for your coaching or creative business on your terms. No more pretending or conforming to others’ expectations. We’re all about shedding the mask, embracing your authenticity, and attracting clients who resonate with your unique vision. Our exclusive community is here to empower you every step of the way

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DOes it ever feel like….

You’re Stuck in a Hamster Wheel?

Have you ever found yourself caught in a never-ending cycle, racing against time, and dealing with endless tasks that seem to multiply? It’s not just exhausting; it’s downright draining. You start wondering if there’s a way out of this relentless loop. The finish line keeps shifting, leaving you feeling like you’re running in place, and you’re eager for liberation from this never-ending cycle.

you’re all alone

Ever felt like the odd one out in the entrepreneurial world? Like you’re on a wild roller coaster ride they forgot to mention would be the most profound personal growth journey of your life? You’ve been pushing hard, but that sense of solitude lingers. It’s like being in a maze, searching for a way out. What you’re really craving is a tribe of like-minded souls who truly understand your journey. You’re ready to say goodbye to going it alone; say hello to a tribe that ‘gets’ you.

you gotta keep up a facade

Do you ever feel like you have to put up a facade, to wear a mask, to pretend, to fake it til you make it just to get clients? to appear as if you have it all figured out? The facade you put on to meet client + societies and industries expectations its suffocating your soul, your true essence, and it’s keeping you stuck. Deep down, you want to be genuine, to infuse your work with your true self. But it feels like a constant battle between authenticity and expectations. You’re craving a space where you can be yourself and still thrive.

unlock your transformation 

Are you tired of struggling on your own in your business?Are you tired of seeing others get momentum and you’re left wondering when you’re going to get yours?Are you tired of trying to do all the things they tell you that you need to do to grow your business?

There really is an easier way, and it’s not your fault that you’ve been stuck, and you can easily turn this around quickly, as in 30 days or less! no kidding, I’ve done it and so have my clients, and you can too!

turn your struggles into future success

Transform your current challenges and uncertainties into a thriving business that aligns with who you are at soul level. Say goodbye to the struggle of trying to fit into a box and do all the things you’re “supposed” to, and experience a shift that not only boosts your business but also aligns with who are at the core of who you are so that you can’t help but be successful.

 Discover a New Way Forward

Imagine being a witness to the application of the 4Synergy Success Method™ in real-time. This isn’t about theories this is about real world application, you’ll observe how this proven method is practically implemented to achieve remarkable results. Experience the power of watching a business grow right before your eyes as we work together to build something extraordinary.

 Step Away from Exhaustion + Step into Abundance

Say goodbye to the hustle and grind that only lead to burnout and compromise and you not growing a business that sets your soul on fire. Instead, gain access to resources, a supportive community, and witness firsthand how I apply the method to break free from all the BS, embrace abundance and create a business that is in alignment with my greatest desires and soul’s true calling.

get empowered fast

Experience a rapid yet powerful transformation when you commit to investing in yourself in this journey, I promise you can make an impactful shift sooner than you think. Gain the tools + knowledge to make profound shifts in a remarkably short amount of time when you apply yourself.

What if you could connect with a supportive community that truly gets your journey, all while gaining valuable insights from a proven method in action?

You’ll find yourself in a tribe of like-minded coaches and creatives, waving goodbye to that feeling of being the odd one out in the entrepreneurial world. woot, woot!You’ll get a front-row seat to the transformational power of the 4Synergy Success Method™ in action, giving you tons of inspiration and guidance for your unique path.You’ll break free from the never-ending race against time and start sprinting toward real, tangible results. yay!You’ll toss away the facade and fully embrace the real you, infusing your work with authenticity, purpose, and success. yay baby thats what I’m talking about!You’ll finally soak in the joy and happiness of a business that’s fully aligned with your true values + all of you. Can I get a hell yes!

Hey, there you fiercely determined entrepreneur,

I’m Kim Beckers and I get it. I’ve walked the very path you’re on right now. I’ve experienced the weight of the business world pressing down on me, relentlessly pursuing the next big opportunity while struggling to discover my true purpose amidst the chaos, keeping up a facade of having it all figured out so that I could “get clients” and pay my bills all while wrestling with my self-worth.

My journey in entrepreneurship began in 2006 when I launched my first online business, an eCommerce store specializing in plus-sized lingerie. As I navigated the dynamic world of business ownership, I discovered a passion for helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

By 2008, I was a new mother, facing the pivotal decision of whether to continue my consulting work or focus exclusively on eCommerce. This choice marked a turning point in my entrepreneurial path, leading me toward the realms of digital marketing, operations, and strategic business development and I sold my eCommerce businesses and dove head first into helping coaches + creatives. 

I’ve been behind the scenes, handling operations and marketing in the coaching industry, even rubbing shoulders with some of the big names (yes, those with those super-secret NDAs).

and here’s the truth…

Behind those closed doors, even these big shots didn’t have all the answers. And neither did I, despite building multiple businesses that hit the multi-6-figure mark.

The turning point came when I realized I had sold my soul for money and status. Even within high-level masterminds where entry fees exceeded $100k, I felt like a fraud. It was like I didn’t belong there, despite the very fact that I was making more money, having more success on the outside, and being way smarter and more qualified than others who were apart of the same masterminds. 

It didn’t seem to matter how much money I made, or how many outward successes I would tick the box for, it never felt like enough, I never fault like enough. I felt like I was always trying to prove myself and make an impression.

The truth is, it was suffocating, I kept finding myself listening to all the gurus I had hired to help me make the money and have the freedom but the problem was, I never really had the freedom, sure, maybe some money but I wanted much, much more than that!

Over a decade ago, I made the daring decision to break free from this cycle. I wanted to find my true purpose and live a life in alignment with my values. I needed to help people in a way that felt right for me.

It was time to dismantle the monster I had created – a VA/OBM high-level consulting firm that was out of alignment with my soul.

This journey led me to dive deep into soul work, exploring the Akashic Records and gaining certifications in various energy healing modalities. I tapped into my intuition and started understanding myself at a soul level. Along this path, I uncovered deep-rooted blocks to my abundance – the feeling that I was never good enough, regardless of my outward success.

I faced my own shadows, confronted my blind spots, and healed past wounds that had held me hostage. This process allowed me to see my true potential and embrace my unique strengths.

The 4Synergy Success Method™ was born

Taking my online business skills and the knowledge I had gained through certifications and training, I synthesized everything into a unique method. This method not only boosted my profitability by over 70%, but it also allowed me to work just a fraction of the hours I used to, and to build my coaching and consulting business from the ground up.

I finally found true freedom – the freedom to be there for my kids, work on my own terms, take my family on vacations, and live life without constantly worrying about money. During this time, the seeds of my current method were sown.

A new kind of leadership

Now, I feel a calling to be a leader in a different way. I want to invite you into my world, into this community, and show you a different path in business. It’s time to break free from the cycle of following gurus and embrace our authentic selves.

I used to think I had it all figured out, but the truth is, none of us do. I’ve learned that the only way to build something authentic and aligned with your soul is to do it openly, right before your eyes.

My Unwavering Passion for Freedom

My unwavering passion for fostering freedom in every sense, coupled with my commitment to helping others build businesses that are not only profitable but sustainable and enjoyable, has remained the driving force behind my journey.

Embracing Imperfections

I understand what you’re going through. I see you. I’m here to guide you on this journey. I’ll share my business expertise and why this mission is so important to me. I used to pretend it was all about my kids when, in reality, I could have easily taken a high-paying job.

This is about living my purpose, about helping both you and myself break free from the past and experience genuine freedom – not just in terms of money but in every aspect of life.

Remember, your mess is your message, and I’m here to help you embrace it. Let’s embark on this journey together, not in pursuit of perfection, but in a genuine quest for authenticity.

Join me in the 4Synergy Success Insiders Club, where we’ll walk this path together, supporting each other to create lives and businesses aligned with our true selves.

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introducing the 4Synergy Success Insiders Club – Your Gateway to Building a Soul-Aligned Business with a 6+ Figure Foundation

The 4Synergy Success Method™ are the exact same principles that I used to build a 6+ figure coaching business from the ground up + helped others to do the same too!

Discover the Power of the 4Synergy Success Method™ in action. This membership is your exclusive gateway to the proven 4Synergy Success Method™ transformation process. Based on successful 1-on-1 and small group experiences, this journey will guide you through my unique method of building a thriving business from the inside out.

exclusive Behind the scenes access 

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes as I implement the 4Synergy Success Method™, your gateway to a powerful transformation. I want to give you everything I’ve learned about building a soul-aligned business going from frustration and uncertainty to lasting success and fulfillment as a fiercely determined coach or creative in a simple membership. This isn’t just about strategies—it’s about deep, lasting change.


Gain exclusive backstage pass to witness the 4Synergy Success Method™ in action. Access early drafts of the transformation roadmap and other materials, giving you a unique perspective on the journey.Observe how the Soul, Strategy, Systems, and Sustainability pillars synergize to create tangible results and transformative business outcomes.Draw inspiration from the method’s evolution and develop innovative strategies for your business.

resources aligned with the 4Synergy Success Method™

No fluff, just simple resources to help you transform your business. Plus be part of the transformation from the ground up. Gain access to valuable resources, tools, and insights as they’re developed, allowing you to tailor the journey to your needs.

Gain access to training materials, PDFs, and masterclasses so that you can enhance your understanding of the 4Synergy Success Method™.Align your business strategy with your core values and purpose for lasting success.Learn practical techniques to streamline tasks and manage time more efficiently, freeing up valuable hours.

How to ROck Your Mindset to get what you want…

Rock Your Limits Toolkit to help you rock a 6+ figure foundation with mindset, and strategy.Rock Your Sales Confidence Toolkit to help you boost your confidence and make more sales. Income Acceleration Cheatsheet to help you focus on your bottomline + make bank.How to Breakthrough the $100k Barrier Masterclass so you can stop spinning your wheels.Mini Mindset Challenge + Quick Mindset Hacks Videos to help you keep your head in the game.Are You Thinking for Success Worksheet for that quick mindset checkin so that you can stay out of your monkey mind.

Meditations to help you unlock your abundance mindset…

Prosperity Accelerator to help you level up your mindset and prep it for prosperity.Morning Meditation to help you set the stage for success as soon as you awake.Magnetize Your Clients Meditation to help you energetically connect with and attact your clients with ease.

How to Get Your Business GDPR Compliant…

How to Get Your Business GDPR Compliant Checklist so that you can cover your butt and stay in compliance. How to install a cookie notice plugin on WordPress for GDPR Compliance videos to help you get your WordPress website compliant. And more

How to Rock Your Goals…

Behind the scenes masterclass on how I set + reach my goals in life + business even if you hate the traditional goal setting techniques

Rock your marketing…

Ultimate Income, Marketing + Plan of Action Checklist Bundle to help you stay focused on what is going to increase the bottomline in your business. 

Resources to run your onilne business

Curated Spreadsheet of Resources to Run Your Biz Online so you don’t have to search for tools all the time I created this spreadsheet to do some of the heavy lifting + categorized it fro you

How to Get Clients…

Rock Your Client Attraction Cheatsheet – The 5 Simple Step Formula to Attract Clients.5 W’s of Client Attraction Masterclass to help you attract clients with ease and authentically without burning out. eCourse – Stop Spinning Your Wheels + Get Clients NOW – Exactly what I did to to bring in clients quickly with no email list and no prospects when I needed a cash injection pronto. 

How to Organize, Systemize + Manage Your Business…

10 Key Business Systems that every online business should have so that you can save time, energy, money and resources. How to Use Systems to plug the leaks in your biz so you can work smarter not harder 2 hour masterclass.The Definitive Guide to Time Management so that. you can get more done in less time.  7 Building Blocks of a 6+ figure business info graphic so that you know what you need to have in place to build a rock solid foundation in your business. 3 Keys to Freedom + PROFIT in Your Business masterclass to help you focus on what will move the needle in your business without wasting time on things that do not matter. 

Coming soon…

4Synergy Success Method™ RoadmapCore Values Clarity WorkbookBusiness PlannerVision PlannerSocial Media PlannerFinance PlannerJournal Planner5 Mistakes Keeping You Broke PDF Structure Your Biz as a Biz PDF Reference Guide PDF (for US only)Law of Attraction Starter KitAnd so much more…

exclusive + private members only community…

Connect with a supportive community of like-minded peers in our exclusive Facebook group. Share your journey, insights, and successes in an environment that uplifts and inspires.

private members only facebook group

Finally, take off the mask and breakdown the facade as you connect with your true self in a supportive environment that supports your uniqueness. Share your journey, insights, and successes in a supportive environment of fellow coaches and creatives that truly get you and the unique challenges that you face.Overcome isolation and find a sense of belonging within the community so that you can get unstuck, vent, or just connect with others on the same journey in a safe and welcoming place.Gain valuable networking opportunities and diverse perspectives so that you can grow your business authentically and on your own terms and make friends that get it and will lift you up.

promotional + COLLABORATIVE opportunities

Showcase your expertise with exclusive promotional opportunities content within the community so that you can connect and  grow your business.Get exclusive opportunities to collaborate and exchange services within the community so that you can expand your network and your business.And moreyes, i want access ![just $7/month, cancel anytime]

but wait, there’s even more when you join today!


canva coach website template…$27 Value

Use this professional website template to impress potential clients  without having to have any design skills, so that you can establish credibility and attract more clients.This easy-to-use template features all the necessary elements to create an attractive and professional website for your coaching business.You can creaet a website in minutes and it will look great! Start attracting your dream clients today!

Powerful Journal PRompts…$47 value

Connect with your inner knowing and get a clear picture of your business goals and how to make 6+ figures without any doubt, helping you set and reach your targets effectively.Align your business with who you truly are and what you value, without giving up your uniqueness. This deep connection with your audience helps you build a standout brand.Beat obstacles and come up with fresh, smart solutions through journaling, avoiding getting stuck and staying adaptable for business success.Keep growing personally for lasting business success, allowing you to evolve and excel consistently without hitting a plateau.

ultimate Printable affirmation cards bundle…$27 Value

Embrace daily affirmations to reduce stress, stay motivated, and confidently work toward your 6+ figure goals without self-doubt, so that you can maintain a positive and growth-oriented mindset.4 Pack Bundle of Mini Digital Printable Affirmation Cards – 192 cards in total to help you transform your mindset including…Set of 48 Digital Printable I am Affirmation cards to help you transform and embody a positive mindset as your build your 6 figure business. Set of 48 Digital Printable Gratitude Affirmation Cards to help you stay in an attitude of gratitude as you manifest your ideal business life. Set of 48 Digital Printable Money Mindset Affirmation Cards to help you manifest more money into your life with ease. Set of 48 Digital Printable Business Affirmation Cards to help you cultivate the business mindset to succeed with ease. 

Your journey to business transformation awaits. Say yes to growth, empowerment, and success. Enroll now

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align your business with who you are, connect with others + get results in the 4Synergy Success Insiders Club!

yes, i want access ![just $7/month, cancel anytime]


Thank you so much Kim for the training yesterday. I feel so much more excited about my business and ready to get a grip and take the next steps to start bringing in more clients. I am going to work through your worksheet and smash it! Big money goal – I want to get 5 new clients paying £300 per month each, totalling £1500/month.


“Kim moves you beyond all you thought possible! Not only does she go the distance to truly give you exactly what you need before you know that you need it. Kim is more than equipped and does step up, in whatever forum you require…from mindset to business success strategizing, as well as setting up systems that free you to soar!”


Since working with Kim, I have found my true passion and purpose. I have become inspired to be the person I want to be and share my gifts with the world in times of confusion from so much in the market place for coaching programs Kim and her programs have more than changed my business and my life!


“Kim has helped me in more areas than one. When I first came to Kim, I was overwhelmed, totally STUCK and ready to throw in the towel. I had spent years (and I mean years) trying to move my business forward and it wasn’t happening. Investing in Kim was really my last option. 3 months in, I tripled my income! …My entire life has transformed because of the work I have done with Kim. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She keeps me moving forward and always thinking positive. She has helped me finally realize, that I am NOT my past. And I am so happy to know, feel and believe that!…”


“…After years of frustration, with my business, your coaching and strategies have turned my business around. I came to you with clients I didn’t want to work with. In the 1st month, I threw caution to the wind and implemented just a few pieces of training into my actions and increased my business 100%, new clients, more income and feeling like I can do this. I cannot thank you enough…”


“Kim helps me to align my mindset and energy and what I want, holding the space for the transformation to happen and the possibility, strategy to get me there and help to bring all the pieces together. I went from $0 to over $50K in sales in the first few months of working with Kim, while working 1/2 the time! That’s what happens when you focus on the right stuff! How do you like that for tangible results? Thanks, Kim”


“You give me clarity in the more personal areas in my life of being spiritually and energetically clear and connected. As a healer this is an essential component in coaching for me. That along with your knowledge and coaching on all business matters really gives what I see as full service coaching. You get me and see how to connect the dots to success uniquely for me in my business and what is necessary to set a foundation for a profitable business and happy life.”


“Really exceptional and will definitely make a difference in how I approach certain areas of my life going forward. Kim has a definite affinity for this work and is very nurturing and clear in her delivery of the messages. It is quite an eye opener and I highly recommend doing a reading. – Thank you this was a true gift.”


“The greatest benefit I got from working with you is that you see who I really am and you are able to help me stay in alignment with my truth, which has always led to more income coming with more ease. It’s the intuitive nature of your coaching that makes you very valuable and different from the rest of the coaches out there. Of course you’re also really good at the systems and strategy stuff, but I think you strength comes from your ability to see the truth…I came to Kim because I was frustrated by my constant self-sabotage in my business. I knew I was capable of doing so much more but I constantly stopped myself short. When I started working with Kim she helped me realize the value I bring to my clients and helped me up-level and align my prices with my expertise. The first month I worked with Kim I quadrupled my income! She’s warm, caring, brilliant and fun to work with. Sometimes it just takes a small tweak in what you’re doing to make a big change in the bottom line, which is exactly what was the case for me. Thanks Kim!”


“I came to Kim because I knew I lacked crucial structure in my business but did not know how to fix the problem. Working together she really helped me get the big picture and understand exactly what the 10 key areas of structure are. Then she led me through defining how my organization needed to look and exactly in detail what to use and what to do to accomplish that. If you are looking to get a handle on the functional structure of a business that will free you up to do what you do best Kim can teach you. May I add she is the only person Ive ever come across doing this work at such a granular level. Everyone starting a business should work with her first!”


frequently asked questions…

Membership InformationConcerns + QuestionsBenefits +  ExpectationsCommunity + Supportmore questions?

Membership Information

Who is this for?

If you’re a dedicated coach or creative who’s tired of burnout and feeling disconnected from your true path, this is your opportunity to make a change. This is for those who yearn to witness a real transformation in their business, one that’s grounded in authenticity and purpose. 

If you’re seeking a supportive community where you’re not alone in your journey, and if you’re ready to embrace resources that bring tangible results, you’re a perfect fit. 

And if you’re ready to build a business that aligns with your values while achieving a 6+ figure foundation, the 4Synergy Success Insiders Club is your stepping stone to success.

What happens after I pay?

After your purchase is confirmed through our secure server you will receive access to some goodies straight away in the members area (more will be added over time), we will open the private Facebook group up shortly and will invite you into that too, you will also receive regular emails as well as updates from me as I share behind the scenes of my method in action.   *Please note: sometimes the system can take up to 15 minutes to deliver your confirmation. Please check your spam/bulk/junk/promo filter in case it landed in there by accident.

Why is it $9/month and is it worth it?

This is a founding members launch, the price will be going up  but I want to keep this accessible. It’s simple, I want to be able to reach as many people as possible and I want to create a community for us to be able to real, and raw and for us to thrive. I want to show you the power of the 4Synergy Success method™ in action and create a community of like minded coaches + creatives who are ready to break free and defy the norms. 

I learned this stuff through a lot of trial and error while also paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, the truth is, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot to make a lot if you are willing to put in the work.

This membership is thoughtfully designed to help empower you to take down the facade, break the guru on the pedestal BS we have been feed and create a real community of real people with no masks required.  While it doesn’t provide a step-by-step program, it offers resources, community, and insights that align with your niche. It’s an opportunity to gain inspiration and connect with like-minded peers.

Can I achieve sustainable growth with a $9 membership?

The 4Synergy Success Insider Club offers foundational insights and resources to help you begin your journey. While it’s not a comprehensive step-by-step guide, it’s designed to provide clarity, support, and inspiration for your long-term business success.

Can I cancel the membership anytime?

Absolutely! The presale membership offers flexibility. If you find that the content or timing isn’t aligned with your needs, you’re welcome to cancel your membership at any point. Please note we do not offer refunds.

Is there a guarantee or can I get a refund?

Nope, sorry there are no refunds but you can cancel at anytime. The resources and my method have a proven track record of success, I know that members receive far more value then retail price so you really are getting a steal of a deal!

Your satisfaction is important to me and If for some reason you are not happy with you purchase, please reach out to support at hey@ and we will do our best to help you.

Can I sign up anytime?

Absolutely but the price and/or the bonuses are regularly reviewed and may change at any time.

Concerns + Questions

What if I’m scared?

This is a great question, just because you are ready to break free and take your biz to the next level it doesn’t mean that its not scary. In fact, fear is a good thing, because what it tells me and should tell you is that you are moving in the right direction, you are moving in the direction of growth, into something you have not done before. There are resources inside to help you as well as a community that we are building so that you are not alone on this journey! Join us!

Will I feel overwhelmed by information and tasks?

The club is designed to provide manageable and impactful resources that align with the 4Synergy Success Method™ ie the 4 Pillars of Power, Soul, Strategy, Systems, + Sustainability. It’s not about overwhelming you with tasks, but empowering you to make meaningful shifts in your business strategy, systems, and mindset. 

The content will be organized in a way that allows you to go in and get what you need when you need it. 

I have a busy schedule. Can I still benefit from this membership?

Absolutely. The 4Synergy Success Insider Club respects your time constraints. The resources are designed to be accessible and impactful, accommodating even the busiest schedules. Make progress on your terms, at your own pace.

How can I be sure the content will be ready during the beta?

I am committed to delivering on my promises. The beta offer ensures your spot and early access to resources as they’re rolled out. Rest assured, I’m working diligently to provide a seamless experience as content becomes available.

Is this relevant to my specific coaching or creative niche?

Absolutely. While the club doesn’t cater to specific niches, the concepts, strategies, and insights are designed to enhance the coaching and creative business journey. The 4Synergy Success Pillars offer foundational principles applicable to various industries.

What if I’m an introvert or….. will it still work for me?

Absolutely! The club caters to both introverts and extroverts alike, this is about YOU being YOU and using your strengths to build a business in YOUR own way.. Plus, I am an INFJ, as well as a Human Design 3/5 Projector, so trust me, I get it.

This club will provide a welcoming environment for coaches and creatives to connect, share, and grow. This is about YOU being able to discover how to leverage your unique qualities for success within the community.

Benefits + Expectations

How does this fit into my overall business strategy?

he 4Synergy Success Insider Club complements your business strategy by providing tailored resources and insights that align with your coaching or creative endeavors. It’s an opportunity to explore new approaches and gain inspiration for your unique path to success.

What happens if I want more guidance and support?

If you’re looking for more in-depth guidance and support, our higher-tier memberships offer step-by-step training and personalized interaction. The Synergy Success Insider Club serves as an excellent starting point, providing you with the foundation, resources, and inspiration to explore further levels of growth.

How can I determine if this investment is worth my time and money?

The 4Synergy Success Insider Club offers a unique chance to observe the 4Synergy Success Method™ in action, engage with a community of peers, and access specialized resources. For just $7, you’ll have access to insights that can potentially make a positive impact on your business journey.

What will I be able to do with this offer?

The 4Synergy Success Insiders Club offers you the chance to observe the 4Synergy Success Method™ in real-world scenarios and apply insights to your coaching or creative business. You’ll engage with a like-minded community, access specialized resources, and witness how the pillars synergize to create positive shifts. While it doesn’t provide a step-by-step roadmap, it serves as a valuable starting point for your transformative journey.

Can I expect sustainable growth through the presale offer alone?

The presale of the 4Synergy Success Insiders Club provides you with foundational insights and resources that lay the groundwork for long-term success. It’s a cost-effective way to start your journey and prepare for the full range of benefits as content is added. You will also have the opportunity to promote yourself in the group as well as have access to the Facebook group which will end up being priceless in my humble opinion as you will be. a part of something bigger than while you are on this journey.  

Will I see changes in my business right away?

While significant changes take time, you’ll gain valuable insights and perspectives from day one. Implementing small shifts based on these insights can start creating positive momentum in your business within the first month.

Community + Support

What can I expect from community engagement during the beta?

The exclusive Facebook Group will be ready for you to enter shortly where you will be able to connect with peers, share early insights, build relationships as well as have opportunities to promote. yourself and your business. 

What exactly is the 4Synergy Success Method™ and how much of it will I be able to grasp from this club?

I am so glad you asked. the 4Synergy Success Method™ is the methodology that I created nearly 11 years ago that I used to actually get my coaching business off the ground after I dismantled my previous multi 6 figure consulting and done for your business because my soul was no longer having it. This is the very method and concepts that I used to quickly grow my coaching business to 6 figures + beyond in a few months time and the very same I have used with countless 1-1 clients and leading small group coaching programs that have lead others to not only craft a 6+ figure business that was aligned, but one that unleashed their true work into the world and set their souls on fire and unlocked their superpowers.Now, I am on a mission to take this method to the masses and make it accessible so that coaches + creatives like you can have that same success. 

During the presale and behind the scenes access you’ll gain valuable insights into the method’s 4 pillars of Soul, Strategy, Systems and Sustainability and how they work in an interconnected way to create this foundation that sets the stage for 6+ figures and beyond by observing their real-world application. 

While not a comprehensive training, you’ll gain valuable insights into how the pillars work together and can start applying these insights to your own business. This unique approach sets the stage for deeper understanding and future application as you progress.

Can I ask questions to Kim or interact with others?

While there’s no direct access to Kim or live Q&A, you can engage in discussions within the community group.

You can share your progress, ask questions, and learn from others who are on a similar journey. We will also be implementing regular check in’s for accountability, promotional opportunities for you and your business as well as collaboration opportunities and more. Plus, as I grow this out using the 4Synergy Success Method™ for which you will have a front row seat and add additional membership levels with direct access to me we will all converge in the same group right inside of Facebook!

What If I’m not tech-savy?

Tech-savviness isn’t a prerequisite for success in the club. The resources and insights are designed to be accessible and applicable to all skill levels. You’ll find practical and straightforward approaches that can help you navigate the business landscape, regardless of your technical background.

More Questions

Still have questions?

No problem, just click here to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

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