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Learn how to easily map out your marketing for the year + focus so that you can reach your goals with ease! 

Are You Ready To FINALLY know how to easily plan + map out your marketing for an entire year with this easy to follow system, with fill in the blank, step by step templates so that you know exactly what to focus on each day to grow your business with ease instead of overwhelm!

Do you feel super busy trying to cross things off your to-do list, being “busy” all the time but still not reaching your goals?
Do you get to the end of the day and realize you haven’t done anything really productive to move the needle in your business?
Do you feel like you have like, I don’t know a million ideas to implement for your business and huge lofty goals but you never seem to make it there?
Do you get to the end of the month and realize, crap, you haven’t even come close to reaching your goals? Instead, you sucked into the endless Facebook newsfeed, or hanging out on Instagram or worse?

are you?

STILL, TRYING TO Figure out how you are going to get it all done because you don’t have an easy-to-follow plan even though you know what you want to do?
OVERWHELMED WITH ALL THE To-dos you need to get done on the daily to grow + market your business?
DROWNING IN INFORMATION OVERLOAD Trying to figure out where to start and what to focus on to reach your marketing goals?
SPINNING YOUR WHEELS Trying to figure out how to prioritize your ideas to market your business + you end up getting nothing productive done each day?
HUSTLING 24/7 And still not making any headway because even though you have a rough plan to reach your goals you kinda don’t know what you need to focus on each day or you are just way too overwhelmed trying to break it all down into manageable steps?

the problem is...

You are totally focused on the wrong stuff!

The cold hard truth is, you aren’t getting the “right” things done that actually increase your bottom line and it’s causing you to spin your wheels + burn out.

You don’t know what’s working, what’s not working and you are just NOT focusing on what is going to move the needle.

It’s NOT your fault and it doesn’t have to be that way!!!

All it takes is a little bit of planning, and strategic thinking, and a system to get you there! You totally can do it! And it doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming either!


Mapping out your marketing strategy for the year one month at a time + breaking it down by daily tasks in one sheet so you knew exactly what you needed to be laser-focused on to reach your goals each day (no more unproductive days, yay!)
Thinking about + planning your promos for the entire year (or at least each quarter in advance) so you knew you were going to reach your goals instead of hoping and praying you will.
Having a fill-in-the-blank financial tracker + programs offering spreadsheet that you could use to play around with different ideas to reach your income goals?
Being able to plan your entire year, quarter, month + days in alignment with your goals by following the 3 simple steps to plan + prioritize your marketing.
Having fill-in-the-blank metrics + stat tracking sheet to keep you laser-focused each month on what’s working + what’s not so there is no more guesswork + you reach your goals!
Having a step-by-step repeatable system to reach your goals with fill-in-the-blank templates.


A proven system to help you save time by mapping out your marketing strategy for an entire year while prioritizing all your ideas + keeping you laser-focused each day so that you actually reach those goals + know what you need to focus on every single day for an entire year!

Hey, there you fiercely determined entrepreneur,

I'm Kim and The Marketing Planner Templates System is my creation.

These templates are what I am using to help me successfully plan for the year ahead, to recap what happened in the previous year (you know so that you can learn from those lessons and extract the gold, and also know what did not work and what you can let go of) and to plan for what I want to create in the coming year.

Maybe you are like me and you don’t exactly like to follow all the rules of marketing and what you are “supposed” to do to have a successful business because doing things that don’t feel good and are 100% in alignment with what you want and how you want to show up is just not something you are willing to do.

I get it and it’s kinda funny, because when I started my first successful business back in 2006 I was a big planner, in fact, I was a big planner all the way up until about 2013 when I found I got so caught up in numbers and metrics and listening to other people that I had to find a way to listen to myself and also follow through with sound business strategies and planning.

Truth be told for a while there, I really did not plan much of anything out and really did what I felt was best, when I felt like, and it worked…. for a while that is, while I was finding myself and learning to fall back into myself.

But now, I know that even though you listen to your gut you still need to plan things out, it’s actually what my entire business is about now, marrying the strategy with your own inner knowing and sound business strategies and this template marketing planning system is totally in alignment with being able to have a plan, know what’s working, what’s not and know exactly what you need to focus on so that you can actually reach your goals for the year.

So, if you feel like you have been trying to reach those lofty goals but always seem to fall short then these templates are seriously going to help you.


Goal Setting Masterclass – Goal setting masterclass access + you can upgrade your marketing planning templates and gain access to Rock Your Goals + Strategic Planning System for a fraction of the regular price if you need to dive deeper into setting goals + strategically planning them.
Video walkthrough of how to use the spreadsheet to plan for the year ahead and wrap up the current year so that you know exactly how to get the most out of the spreadsheet templates and you can grow your business systematically with ease!
Income/Programs Worksheet – This worksheet will help you map out your programs and offers so that you can make sure they are in alignment with your financial intentions. You can play around with the pricing, offers, and quantity so you know if the numbers will work with where you are at and what it is you want to achieve.
Marketing Checklist – To help you get laser-focused on your major + minor marketing efforts for the year so you can reach your goals with ease.
A Year in Review Section – In this section of the marketing planner templates, I take you through a series of questions and areas of focus so that you can take a look at what did and did not happen in the previous year so that you know what to consider for the upcoming year planning.
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Marketing Checklist Cheatsheet – This checklist will give you ideas of what to focus on each day/week and month so you can reach your goals without wasting time or energy trying to figure it all out.
Financial Planning Worksheet – This worksheet will help you map out how much money you need to make each month based on your wants + needs so that you know exactly how much money you need to make.
A Year Ahead Planning Section – In this section of the marketing planner templates I take you through a series of questions and areas of focus to help you plan the upcoming year to reach your goals.
Plan Your Year in 3 Easy Steps + Prioritize Worksheet – In this section of the marketing planner templates, I help you to do a quick and dirty planning out of your marketing priorities for the year broken down by quarter so that you can prioritize your ideas and be laser-focused.
A Year Ahead Planning Section – In this section of the marketing planner templates I take you through a series of questions and areas of focus to help you plan the upcoming year to reach your goals.
Financial Planning Worksheet – This worksheet will help you map out how much money you need to make each month based on your wants + needs so that you know exactly how much money you need to make.
Weekly Content Tracker – In this section of the marketing planning templates, I set up a simple spreadsheet worksheet that will allow you to map out what you are sharing on social media so that you can easily plan and/or track your weekly social media activity!
Stats/Metrics Worksheet – This worksheet will help you track your metrics and stats for your business throughout the year so that you know what is working and what is not working.
Article/Blog Tracker – In this section of the marketing planning templates I set up a simple spreadsheet worksheet that will allow you to easily track the content that you create for your blog and then the sharing that you do on social media. This way you have one place to keep track of the url’s for your blog posts, and all the sharing that you are doing on social media, this will help you know when you can “recycle” content, and then you can go back later and check out what got the most shares and how that may have affected sales and growing your list.
12 Months of Printable + Customizable Monthly Calendars – In this section of the marketing planning templates, I give you 12 monthly printable and customizable, fill-in calendars that you can print out so that you know exactly what you need to focus on each day of every month.
Fun Holiday Calendar for Promotion Planning – In this section of the marketing planner templates, I give a list of monthly themes for each month as well as host of fun holidays that you can plan your promotions around each month to help you reach your goals + have fun!


Sample Launch Plan for Marketing a Program – This is a sample launch plan for the planning of marketing a program to sell from back in my OBM days so that you can get an idea of what you want to focus on to launch your program or offer.
Sample 90 Day Blueprint Plan – In this sample blueprint I give you an example of how to break down your goals into bite-sized chunks broken into categories for you to handle or hand off to your team so that you know what to focus on and have an idea how to actually break down your ideas into tangible stuff to get done so you don’t waste time spinning your wheels.
Income Acceleration Cheatsheet – This cheat sheet focuses on the core areas you should be focusing on in order to well accelerate your income in less time.
The Definitive Guide to Time Management – In this quick guide I walk you through how to take back your time, use your planner and all that fun stuff to hack your time so that you can get more done!
Increase Your Bottomline Sales Cheat Sheet – This cheat sheet focuses on the key sales activities you are going to want to focus on in order to well, increase your bottomline. What you focus on grows and this cheatsheet will help you to map out what you are doing on the daily to move the needle in your biz.
Rock Your Limits Business Toolkit
- Find the Hidden Money in Your Business Worksheet
- 7 Keys to Rock Your PROFITS™
- 16 questions that will help you to Rock Your Limits™ + Step into Your Potential
#1 Resource to Creating a 6 Figure Biz – Learn how to tap into your intuition and use it as a resource to help you get what you want with ease.

A Simple, Duplicatable Step-by-Step System to help you plan your marketing + get things done!



"…The first month I worked with Kim I quadrupled my income! She’s warm, caring, brilliant and fun to work with. Sometimes it just takes a small tweak in what you’re doing to make a big change in the bottom line, which is exactly what was the case for me. Thanks Kim!"



Thank you so much Kim for the training yesterday. I feel so much more excited about my business and ready to get a grip and take the next steps to start bringing in more clients. I am going to work through your worksheet and smash it! Big money goal – I want to get 5 new clients paying £300 per month each, totalling £1500/month.



Since working with Kim, I have found my true passion and purpose. I have become inspired to be the person I want to be and share my gifts with the world in times of confusion from so much in the market place for coaching programs Kim and her programs have more than changed my business and my life!



Kim helps me to align my mindset and energy and what I want, holding the space for the transformation to happen and the possibility, strategy to get me there and help to bring all the pieces together. I went from $0 to over $50K in sales in the first few months of working with Kim, while working 1/2 the time! That's what happens when you focus on the right stuff! How do you like that for tangible results? Thanks, Kim”



"You give me clarity in the more personal areas in my life of being spiritually and energetically clear and connected. As a healer this is an essential component in coaching for me. That along with your knowledge and coaching on all business matters really gives what I see as full service coaching. You get me and see how to connect the dots to success uniquely for me in my business and what is necessary to set a foundation for a profitable business and happy life."



“...After years of frustration, with my business, your coaching and strategies have turned my business around. I came to you with clients I didn’t want to work with. In the 1st month, I threw caution to the wind and implemented just a few pieces of training into my actions and increased my business 100%, new clients, more income and feeling like I can do this. I cannot thank you enough...”



"Kim has helped me in more areas than one. When I first came to Kim, I was overwhelmed, totally STUCK and ready to throw in the towel. I had spent years (and I mean years) trying to move my business forward and it wasn’t happening. Investing in Kim was really my last option. 3 months in, I tripled my income! ...

My entire life has transformed because of the work I have done with Kim. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She keeps me moving forward and always thinking positive. She has helped me finally realize, that I am NOT my past. And I am so happy to know, feel and believe that!...”


Why learn from Kim?

I have helped a multitude of 5+, 6+ and 7+ figure biz owners actually implement this framework into their business, so this system is based off my success with these clients and not based on theory or a rehash of other people’s teachings that I am trying to pass off to work. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this system works, and it works for a multitude of business types and if you implement this framework it can work for you too.

Back in the day, I used to actually work behind the scenes in 7+ figure online businesses first as a Virtual Assistant (VA) and then as an Online Business Manager (OBM) and than as a multi-firm VA/OBM agency helping countless 6+ and 7+ figure online business owners with this same system and framework that is included with this course, so I know first hand that this stuff works.

What if I need more help?

You’re in luck! I specialize in strategy, coaching, consulting to help you. I’m easily reached via email at hey (@)

Is the Marketing Planner Templates System really as good as it sounds?

YEP, it sure is! And if you want to know more and understand why to review the questions and answers below! Also, check out some of the testimonials on this page and the Fans Page where you can see what other entrepreneurs just like you have achieved working with Kim!

Who is this for?

These templates are perfect for you if you have like a million ideas and you are not exactly sure what you need to focus on first to get it done. Although I include a quick and dirty goals training masterclass for you these templates presume that you already have a strategy in place but you are just not sure how to actually plan it out day by day in a calendar and achieve those goals.

If you need to dive deeper into goal setting + strategic planning I highly suggest you do the upgrade option and gain access to Rock Your Goals + Strategic Planning System along with these templates.

Please note: This is not for everyone, you really do need to be an action taker.

Can I order, download everything and then ask for a refund?

Nope, sorry there are no refunds. This is a digital product and within minutes of ordering you will be able to download the materials which you will then have access to.There is no un-doing that once you access the members area. And because these programs have a proven track record of success, we know that members receive at least double the value of the retail price so you really are getting a steal of a deal! If for some reason you are not happy with you purchase, please reach out to support at hey@ and we will do our best to help you.

What happens after I pay?

After your purchase is confirmed through our secure server you will land on the download page that contains a downloadable PDF document. The PDF document contains all of the links as well as the accompanying workbook, scripts, templates + all your bonuses too. You will also receive an email with a link to the first bonus video which will help you stay on task and focused with bringing in awesome clients into your business.

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