Shoestring Marketing Secrets: 21 Things to Know for All Small Business Owners

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“It takes money to make money” is one saying many small business owners believe in and this is unfortunate.  However an owner need not look further for the truth.

To keep a business afloat and thriving, there are twenty one shoe-string marketing secrets that will equip an owner to start the process of building without spending a single dime to promote their business.

Commit to It– Giving up may be an easy way out, but this is a big NO. If you believe that the marketing strategy will eventually take hold, then stick to it and see through it. Nothing beats a strong commitment.

Low-cost – To significantly grow your business, there are more ways and options to promote in a shoestring budget. Social media and internet are just a few economical options to use to help market your business.

Right Branding – You need to present an unambiguous picture to clients and your customer as to how your service or product will be able to help with their most urgent needs them and importantly who you are.

Domination – Be someone that people will go to. Create a place for your product and services and grow into a bigger business by dominating first a small part of the market.

Be Patient – Don’t rush things. Rome wasn’t built in one day, same with marketing. Before you see it bloom and reap the fruits of your labor, you need also to plant your marketing seeds and be sure to care for it.

Be Customer focused – What the customers want, need and the best solutions are the things you need to know. Your main job is to find out what these are.

Consistency – Marketing is like a pumping heart. It is continuous and unfailing. Make it a habit to include it in your business activities.

Educate – Be the expert and share edifying points to your prospect as to what you can offer them for their most pressing needs.

Repetition – Place your business in front of your target market where they can repetitively see you. It has been suggested by research that prospects need to come across your business for about seven to twelve times before they would want to procure.

Identify target market – It is very important for you to know who will need your product or use your service. In today’s business environment, mass marketing is too expensive for a shoestring marketer and doesn’t necessarily work.

Usability – make sure that your materials and even sales processes are easy to use. You don’t want a confused customer. If customers are confused, they walk away.

Be Visible – There are over 4,000 ads everyday and each consumer is exposed to this number of ads each day. Make use of as many marketing platforms as you can to ensure maximum exposure.

Obtain Trust and Confidence – Customers purchase products that they have confidence in and who they trust most. Build and make experiences for your customers to gain their trust and confidence to keep them coming back to you.

Build and Retain Relationships – Keep your customers by keeping a relationship with them real. You cater to their needs as a person and not just as a business.

Quality – When your products or services are of the highest standards, you will definitely have good business. Customers are always satisfied with quality products and services and will definitely spread the word about your business.

WOW Your Customers – Stand out! Be different! Do not conform and be incomparable to your competitions!

Modern Marketing Methods Such As Automation– It’s a fast paced and fast-tracked society and there’s no room for old-fashioned marketing techniques. You have to utilize automation tools such as email autoresponders, customer management software and etc.

Be Flexible – Change is a constant thing. You must adapt to the ever changing marketing forms. Being flexible means you are open to anything, which will make you ten steps ahead of your competition.

Results Oriented – Crucial to your business is your total understanding how you will be able to make your marketing work for you. You have to have to draw the line as to what works to what doesn’t. Link tracking softwares are now being utilized to help track ROI for businesses.

Lifetime Value of Customers – Increase it! – When you have customers buying repeatedly from you and have gained their trust, create ways to keep. Ways to purchase and other procurement schemes is a good way to start.

YOU are your best marketing campaign – Your campaigns may be there but it is you who is in front of your prospects and your interaction and time with them is also a way to promote your business. Always have a ready smile, treat your customers well for. Good impression definitely last.

Now, you can change your small business to a prosperous one with these twenty-one Shoestring Marketing strategies.


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