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This whole business owner thing is not for the faint of heart, there is a reason why most businesses fail!

I have created these done with you and done for you systems to help guide you + keep you on track. You know so that you can listen to your gut + have a proven system to follow to get the things done that actually move the needle in your life + biz!





Your journey starts by connecting with your authentic self, the core essence that fuels your business.

The essence of your soul isn’t just the beginning; it’s the heartbeat that resonates through every decision you make.

As you craft your unique strategy, you’re building upon the strength of your soul’s foundation. 

This strategy isn’t a separate entity; it’s an extension of your soul’s essence.

The systems you implement are the supportive framework that links your strategy and soul. 

These interwoven threads that ensure your strategy is realized with efficiency and effectiveness

Finally, the sustainability pillar crowns this holistic foundation. 

It’s not an afterthought; it’s the promise that your business can endure without burnout. 

You can totally do this, you just need a little guidance to discover the answers within + the P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Framework to create a sustainable business foundation and you’ll have what you need to create the business you have always dreamed of.

You can cultivate a mindset for success, heal your past shit(that you thought you got rid of long ago, but the truth is if you’re not where you want to be there is another layer to heal and shed), transform your past pain into profit and fear into power!

You can build a foundation by tapping into your inner wisdom and your unique soul path, and the journey that has gotten you to where you are today, right here, right now up until this moment, it’s all relevant, it’s all shaped you and you can use it all to build a profitable and sustainable business that allows you to be financially independent.

It would be my honor to help you, to be your guide, to give you the tools, to hold your hand as you build that foundation.

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Attract Clients aka Marketing  + Sales Strategy 
Mindset Strategy
Strategic Visioning
Strategic Planning  + Goals
Systems + Organization
Techie Support

Attract Clients aka Marketing + Sales Strategy

This is an in-depth, client attraction system in 5 easy steps to magnetize & enroll clients in the next 30 days.

These are the exact principles and concepts that I have used to generate and continue to generate new business in the amount of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 even $120,000 worth of new business each month.

This simple and proven step-by-step system will help you lay the foundation so you know exactly what to do, to magnetize new clients and cash to your bank account in 30 days or less…and you don’t need to have a website, or email list either


Client Onboarding Welcome Kit Templates


Are you ready to wow your clients as well as save a bunch of time and money with done-for-client and prospective client templates that will easily help you onboard your clients?

– Would you like access to fully customizable client onboarding templates so that you can easily set boundaries with your clients and welcome them onboard quickly?

Rock Your Ideal Client Avatar
Are you ready to Get Crystal Clear on Your Ideal Client Avatar so that you can FINALLY get off the hamster wheel and make the money you deserve and desire?

– Would you like to learn to tap into who your perfect ideal client is, so that you can craft the perfect marketing message and magnetize clients to you with ease?

– Would you like to realize more freedom in your business (so you can do the things you want to do on your own terms?) knowing specifically who your ideal client is, is actually critical to the foundation of everything else in your biz

– Would you love to easily get clear on who your ideal client is so that you can craft the perfect programs, have the perfect pricing so that you can consistent sales and a business you love


Rock Your Assets™


A Proven step-by-step system to help you craft your signature system + leverage it.

– Rock Your Ideal client + own transformational story so you can speak to your client’s desires & pains

– Rock Your Marketing Message to magnetize + inspire your ideal client into action without being pushy

– Rock Your Signature system so that you + your clients can have crystal clear clarity on the transformation you deliver

– Rock Your Leverage so that you can make a bigger impact, have more free time and make more money

Client Enrollment Template


Are you tired of struggling to enroll clients? Do you wish there was a proven system that could effortlessly guide you through the process without any sales tactics? Look no further! I’m thrilled to share my insider secrets with you in this exclusive offer.

Master the Art of Effortless Client Enrollment: Unlock Insider Secrets for Only $9


Mindset Strategy


with Kim Beckers, your guide to the answers within!

– Are you playing by all the “rules” (following the formula to 6 figures) and it’s not working, you are doing all the things you are “supposed” to be doing but it’s still not working!

– You try again with a different blueprint from a different guru and the same results?

– There is an easier way and I would love to be your guide and show you how you can get the results you want without selling your soul or beating your head against the wall anymore.

This is a 4 week deep dive container of support into building that relationship with yourself and creating inner harmony, working together with both sides of your brain and your inner and outer voices so that you can set the foundation for your business.


10 day deep dive to emPower Yourself to create the life and biz You Desire by using the innate power of your mind + inner knowing!

– Would you like to supercharge your abundance by taking a deep dive into your subconscious blocks, so you can rock your power?

– Would you like to realize more freedom in your business (so you can do the things you want to do on your own terms?

– Would you like to find the hidden blocks that have been holding you back and stare your enemy in the eye and take back control of your life + biz?

Rock Your POWER is a 10 day deep dive into removing these blocks and taking new action to create the results you want so that you can create the biz + life you truly desire, on your own terms!

 – Weekly Habits Tracker Printable Worksheet
 – Actions Tracker Printable Worksheet
– Blank Weekly Planner Detail Calendar (horizontal)
 – Most Important Things Printable
 – To Do List Printable
 – Daily Planner Printable worksheet (choose from 4 simple designs to help you stay on track with your goals and the habits you want to change)

Strategic Planning + Goals

Ultimate Business Planners + Business Trackers Kit

Whats Included Ultimate Business Planner and tracker kit

Order your copy today before the price goes up.

Marketing Planner Templates

– Goal setting masterclass access
– Video walkthrough of how to use the spreadsheet to plan for the year ahead and wrap up the current year.
– Marketing checklist
– Monthly Calendar planning sheets for you to fill in and stay on task.
– A planning tracker.
– A year in review section.
– A year ahead planning section
– Financial Planning worksheet
– Income/programs worksheet
– Stats/Metrics worksheet so that you can track your starting point + progress
– Goal setting masterclass access
– Plan your year in 3 easy steps worksheet
– Fun holiday calendar for promotion planning

Order your copy today before the price goes up.

Rock Your Goals + Strategic Planning System

This is an in-depth, goal setting and planning system, likely not like anything you have ever experienced in the traditional goal setting arena, and that’s because it’s based on my vast knowledge of business as well as deep understanding of spiritual connection and what makes each of us unique.

It’s a step-by-step system that doesn’t put you in a box but sets you up for great success and achievement, it works with our natural strengths to help you accomplish what you want, likely, more freedom and more money so that you can make a huge impact in the world.

This proven step-by-step system has helped me and hundreds of my clients to set and achieve their business goals with massive success, in fact, it’s the same system I’ve used to create a multi-6-figure a year business in less than 4 months.


Rock Your Biz Foundation & PROFIT

  • Rock Your Vision -Get crystal clear about your vision for your life, who you are, how you roll, and how you can build a profitable business on your own terms.
  • Rock Your Strategy & Mindset. Get crystal clear on how you are going to bridge the gap between where you are and what you want to be. This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak but it’s also the starting point for pulling it all together. Specific strategies & a prosperous mindset to reach your powerful vision.
  • Rock Your Strategic Planning/Calendaring. Strategic calendaring to help you reach your goals on time. How to get the most out of each day, working smarter not harder so there is plenty of time for the life you want to live too!
  • Rock Your Biz Model Creation. Craft the perfect biz model that serves you and your clients/customers. Create multiple revenue streams based on your vision & lifestyle & price your products, programs & services for sale.
  • Rock Your Marketing Funnels. Create and implement marketing strategies that will work for you, your biz, and your lifestyle. Learn to build and grow your sales and marketing funnels so your clients are magnetized to you instead of you chasing them, yay!
  • Rock Your Biz Systems & Organization. Learn how to set up your biz for success and growth, how to create simple systems that support your biz and lifestyle, and how to automate your biz for more freedom and flexibility.
  • Rock Your Team Building and Outsourcing. Learn the keys to building an awesome team, what to delegate, and what not to delegate.


a.k.a. Automate your biz

This is an in-depth program that will help you to streamline your biz systems and processes so that you can work less, earn more, and have peace of mind that your business is running successfully and easily.

This 7 modules virtual audio training program focuses on the 10 Mission Critical Biz Foundational Systems you need to grow a 6 Figure and Beyond Business minus the burnout and overwhelm in as little as an hour a week (and you’ll learn how to get that 1 back x’s 10 so that you can successfully and easily run your biz.



Are you ready to Get Crystal Clear on Your Vision so that
You can FINALLY Manifest your Desires?

– Would you like to learn to tap into your powerful vision, so that you can create goals and intentions in alignment with what you desire?

– Would you like to realize more freedom in your business (so you can do the things you want to do on your own terms?

– Would you love to easily plan your months ahead in an organized and systematic way that helps you stay focused on the important revenue-generating activities all while working less and earning more, in a way that keeps you accountable to your goals, and timelines?

Getting crystal clear on your desires and your higher vision is the first step you MUST take in order to make that a reality and I am going to show you how to do that step by step with ease.

Techie Support


Learn what my clients + I are doing to get
our Online Biz GDPR Compliant

The GDPR Guide for Online Biz

In this easy-to-digest guide, I share with you all the strategies I found to be the most effective in helping me and my client’s businesses to become GDPR Compliant, including what you need to do to get your website ready, your current email list, your cookie policy, privacy policy, 3rd party processing and more. Including done for you templates, and an extensive spreadsheet to help you document that process to be GDPR compliant and I walk you through the entire spreadsheet and even you give you the due diligence I’ve done for the tools and 3rd parties I use.