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A Proven System to Plan and Track Your Service-Based Business

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Are You Ready To FINALLY know how to easily plan + map out your business with an easy-to-follow system, with fill-in-the-blank, step-by-step templates so that you know exactly what to focus on each day to grow your business with ease instead of overwhelm?

Are you looking for a planner that can help you organize your business and social media activities? Look no further than the Ultimate Productivity business planner! This planner is perfect for small businesses, as it includes space to track your marketing goals, customer relationships, and more. Plus, it’s easy to use and print out, so you can keep everything in one place. If you’re looking for a reliable business planner that will help you stay on top of your game, then the Ultimate Productivity Business planner is the perfect choice for you!

This is a proven system to help you save time by mapping out your business for an entire year while prioritizing all your ideas + keeping you laser-focused each day so that you actually reach those goals + know what you need to focus on every single day for an entire year including business trackers so you know what’s working and what’s not!

These templates are what I am using to help me successfully plan for the year ahead, to recap what happened in the previous year (you know so that you can learn from those lessons and extract the gold, and also know what did not work and what you can let go of) and to plan for what I want to create in the coming year.

Maybe you are like me and you don’t exactly like to follow all the rules of marketing and what you are “supposed” to do to have a successful business because doing things that don’t feel good and are 100% in alignment with what you want and how you want to show up is just not something you are willing to do.

I get it and it’s kinda funny, because when I started my first successful business back in 2006 I was a big planner, in fact, I was a big planner all the way up until about 2013 when I found I got so caught up in numbers and metrics and listening to other people that I had to find a way to listen to myself and also follow through with sound business strategies and planning.

Truth be told for a while there, I really did not plan much of anything out and really did what I felt was best, when I felt like it, and it worked…. for a while that is, while I was finding myself and learning to fall back into myself.

But now, I know that even though you listen to your gut you still need to plan things out, it’s actually what my entire business is about now, marrying the strategy with your own inner knowing and sound business strategies and this template marketing planning system is totally in alignment with being able to have a plan, know what’s working, what’s not and know exactly what you need to focus on so that you can actually reach your goals for the year.

So, if you feel like you have been trying to reach those lofty goals but always seem to fall short then these templates are seriously going to help you.

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Whats Included Ultimate Business Planner and tracker kit

The Ultimate Business Planners + Trackers Kit includes over 100+ Pages of business planning templates, calendars, trackers, and more to help you plan, track and achieve your business goals Including…

  • Business Planner Worksheet
  • Year Ahead Planning Worksheets
  • Year End Wrap up Worksheets
  • Ideal Client Worksheets
  • Plan Your Year in 3 Easy Steps Worksheets
  • 3 Steps Ahead Planning Checklist
  • Simple Pricing Formula Worksheet
  • Product Development Worksheet
  • Competitor Analysis Worksheet
  • Crush It Goal Planner Worksheet
  • Monthly Goal Worksheets
  • Idea Planner Worksheet
  • Offer Planner Worksheet
  • Financial Planning Worksheet
  • How to Reach Your Income Goals at Different Price Points Worksheet
  • Quarterly Cashflow Tracker
  • Income Tracker
  • Expense Tracker
  • Bill Tracker
  • Budget Tracker
  • Asset Tracker
  • Returns Tracker
  • Accounts Receivable Tracker
  • Accounts Payable Tracker
  • Purchase Tracker
  • Subscription Tracker
  • Mileage Tracker
  • Profit Tracker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Email Subscriber Tracker
  • Website Tracker
  • Supplier List
  • Vendor List
  • Contact List
  • Client List
  • Password Tracker
  • Follow Up Tracker
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statements
  • Weekly Content Planner
  • Marketing Plan Checklist
  • Habits + Action Tracker Sheets
  • Birthday Tracker
  • Find the Hidden Money in Your Business Worksheet
  • Plan of Action Cheatsheet
  • Income Acceleration Checklist
  • Marketplace Solution Analysis Worksheet
  • Take Back Your Time Worksheet
  • 90-Day Plan Calendar Method Worksheet
  • Strategically Calendar Your Time Exercise Audio Training
  • Client Attraction Cheatsheet
  • Blank Monthly Calendars (January – December) (horizontal)
  • Monthly Planner Calendar
  • Blank Monthly Calendars (vertical)
  • Blank Weekly Planner Detail Calendar (horizontal)
  • Most Important Things Printable
  • To Do List Printable

    This printable is for Personal Use ONLY and may not be resold or distributed without my consent.


Instant Download for only $97 $27

Save time, energy, and money with these planning templates, and trackers, and get your business organized!

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a proven system to track plan and organize your business planner system

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Order Now for only $97 $27

Order Now for only $97 $27

Who’s Kim and Why Buy The Ultimate Business Planners + Business Trackers Kit from her?

Hey there lovely, I’m so glad you asked, I know there are many folks who may offer these Client Onboarding Templates, they are very popular, and folks love buying templates, I know I sure do as they save time, money, and energy. I have developed these templates based on my 12+ years online working with online service-based business owners behind the scenes as well as in my own business. 

You see, I have helped a multitude of 5+, 6+ and 7+ figure biz owners actually implement systems into their business, so this system is based on my success with these clients and not based on theory or a rehash of other people’s teachings that I am trying to pass off to work. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this system works, and it works for a multitude of business types and if you implement it, it can work for you too.

Back in the day, I used to actually work behind the scenes in 7+ figure online businesses first as a Virtual Assistant (VA) and then as an Online Business Manager (OBM) and then as a multi-firm VA/OBM agency helping countless 6+ and 7+ figure online business owners with this same system framework that is included in these Client Onboarding Templates Kit so I know first hand that this stuff works.


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