So close. Yet so far. How to break the pattern.

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Do you ever feel like you don’t feel alive, like you’re not yourself, like you are out of flow, out of sync, so close yet so far, almost there but not quite?


Do you crave connection?


The real YOU.

That part of you that you don’t show anyone else.

To who you really are.

That part of you that you have been denying.

That you have been pretending isn’t there.

That you have been stopping you from being you.

That you have been stopping yourself from being.

Because you are scared.

Because you fear the what ifs.

The cursed hows

  • How to get it done.
  • How to be that person

How can you be that person when the people around you expect you to be something else

You have put them first.

You always put them first.

As if they are more important than you.

And you’re not even sure you know how to be who you know you need to be to have the things that you really want.
Not when you have all this responsibility.
To be something else.
You created the perfect circumstances to keep you stuck.
The perfect relationships designed to keep you right where you are.
Designed to keep you being a lesser version of the real YOU.

But not designed to be who you really are.
The real YOU.

That fearless YOU.

That YOU that has it.

That creates it all.

On Purpose.

In Flow.

With Ease.

That person who you desire to be.

That other part of you.

That part of you that is well


  • The real YOU.
  • That larger part of you that keeps calling to you.
  • To be more.
  • To have more.
  • That part of you that keeps on beckoning you to come forward.
  • To step into the light.
  • To stand up
  • To declare
  • To go after
  • To be
  • To become

Who you really are.

  • Not the mother
  • Not the father
  • Not the son
  • Not the daughter
  • Not the friend
  • Not the ___

But you,

The real YOU.

The part of you that have been denying.

That part of you that wants to unleash who you really are into the world.


But that other part of you

  • is scared.
  • it is screaming.

it is screaming for safety

  • for security
  • for control
  • for power


Yet your real power.

Your real control

  • its disguised
  • its disguised something other than what you think
  • it looks like you going after your dreams


It looks like you being that other person.

The one that deep, deep, deep down inside you really dream about

But don’t care to admit



It’s scary as hell

Really scary


It is the real you

  • without the masks
  • without the facade
  • it is you
  • being vulnerable

Showing up as who you really are

  • it’s you exposed
  • it’s you

You are scared to let it out.

You are worried to let it out.

Yet it calls you.

It calls you forward to become.

And deep down inside you know.

You know you were meant for more.

  • To be more
  • To be free
  • To have your desires
  • To have your dream life


But how?

How do you do it?

How do you become?

How do you shed the layers?

How do you break down the facade?

Is it even safe to break down the facade?

What if you are wrong?

What if you are crazy?

What if it doesn’t work?

You retreat back.

You slide back.

So close to living your dream.


You slide back.

Back to safety.

Back to “normal”.


And your soul is screaming!

From the inside

You get sick

You get tired


And so you pretend.

That all is well.

That you are okay.

But you are not okay.

Sure, you put up a great wall.

A great facade.

And you pretend.

Pretend that you are okay.

You are good at that.

Sometimes you even trick yourself

But not for too long.

Because your music is still in you

Your art is still in you.

  • it wants to get out
  • it needs to get out
  • it screams to get out

The more you push it down the worse you feel.
Yet, you keep on pretending.

You push it down.

You cover it up.

You drown it out:

  • being busy
  • being a mom
  • or a dad
  • or a sister
  • or brother
  • or daughter
  • or son
  • or good friend
  • or ____

Whatever you do.

It’s not you.

But you keep on pretending.

Pretending that you are okay

  • That you are happy
  • That it’s not that bad
  • That you can deal with it

And you can.

Deal with it.

You’re used to dealing with it.

You were programmed to deal with it.

You had to deal with it.

  • to survive.
  • to get through.
  • to be here.

But you’re tired.

Really tired of just surviving

You crave to thrive

  • to have the wealth
  • to be free
  • to feel alive
  • to connect
  • to have real happiness
  • to be who you really are


But how?


You start searching, and think, let me follow this formula, this person has what I want, they must know the way.

Because clearly, there is something you are missing.

Or you’d be where you want to be.

And you’re not.

So there must be something wrong with what you are doing.

There must be something wrong with you.


That’s it

There is something wrong with you

You just aren’t good enough

or smart enough

or worthy enough

You’re just not worth it

So you try as best you can to follow the formula, to push YOU down.

Because there is no room for YOU in the “success” formula.

But it never really seems to work

And you buy in.

You buy into your own BS.

You buy into your own lies.

You buy into the illusion.

The illusion that was designed to keep you stuck.

Exactly where you are!

It feels like a  trap.

You feel trapped.

You’re right.

You are trapped.

Trapped in the illusion.

Of your own making.

The perfect storm of circumstances that keeps you exactly where you’ve always been.

So close.

Yet so far.

From the dream.

Oh that sweet dream.

That you see others living.

You just want a taste.

A sweet little taste.

But all you do never seems to work.

You try and try and try again

But nothing.

Nothing seems to work.

Because you are working for the wrong thing.

You are working for the enemy.

You are working to stop something from happening.

You are working to prove.

How great you are.

How worthy you are.

How enough you are.


You don’t quite believe it.

At least not yet.

You almost believe.

But you don’t.

So you keep on trying to prove that you are okay.

That you are worthy.

That you are enough.

That you are worth it.

That you are in control.

Yet you are not.

Because you gave your power away.

You gave your power away to the enemy.

The enemy in your mind.

The illusion seems so real.

It pulls you in.

It gets your agreement.

The circumstances are exhausting.

You are exhausted.

And you stop.

Dead in your tracks from going after your dreams.

It’s just too hard.

You buy into the lies.

That you are NOT.

Good enough.

Smart enough.

Worthy enough.

That you just DON’T have what it takes.

And the enemy won.


It’s taken hold.

And next time.

It’s even harder to break out.

It’s harder to not buy in.

It’s harder to get even a little bit further.

It’s like an uphill battle.

Like you are drugging mud.

And you stop.

Going after your dreams.

You stop creating for you.

It’s just too scary.

It’s just too hard.

You give in.

You give up.

At least for now, for a little while, but what you may not realize is every time you repeat this pattern it gets. Stronger, and stronger and stronger.

And it takes less and less and less to stop you next time.

Until there is no next time.

It’s time to break the pattern.

It’s time to break through.

It’s time to walk through the illusion.

It all starts with a decision.

Then a commitment.

Burn the bridges behind you.

Keep on going.

Walk in faith.

You got this.

You are supported.

You are loved.

You have what it takes.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

You are worth it.

xox, Kim

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