Stepping through the fear storms plus $800 Bonuses

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StepThroughTheFearStormsI am hosting an intimate event here in Dallas, TX next month, the weekend of March 20th to be exact.

It truly is an exciting time, thrilled and rip roaring and ready to go, the “downloads” are starting to come in stronger and stronger, as I can feel the energy of those who have already registered to join us and those who are meant to be there but still have not made the decision yet.

And with all of that, there is still a part of me that is scared, like I want be sick to my stomach, because I know that if I want to create an incredible and transformational experience for those at the event, and give them a life changing experience, it means I have to do the same thing for myself, I have to be right along side of the attendees, growing, sharing and being well, vulnerable. It’s just the way it is, each and every client that I work with I grow, I learn more, I expand, I change, that’s kind of the point.

Yet, I know it can still be scary to get out out of your comfort zone and create a new experience for yourself, because, well, you just don’t know what you are going to have to grow through to break free from the things that are holding you back. Here’s the thing, you can’t know, you most likely don’t want to know, because it would scare the shit out of you even more.

I know that was the case for me, when I made the decision a year and a half ago to dismantle my “successful” business that was consistently earning 30-40k pay days each and every month, people thought I was crazy, they questioned me and yet, I knew in my heart to really have the “success” I was looking for and do the work that I was meant to do with the people I was meant to do it with, I had to let go of the familiar, I had to step outside of my comfort zone and I had to make a new decision, which opened up new choices, and new possibility. 

But, but, it was scary as hell, because, well, I just did not know what was on the other side, what if I failed, what if they were right, what if……

Here’s the good news, the good news is that I now have a business that I love, a life that I love and I work with amazing clients that I adore but none of it would have been possible if I did not make the decision to finally step up, stand up, speak my truth and put myself out there so that I could manifest my desires and it all starts with a decision.

So, if you have been “thinking” about joining us for the live retreat here in Dallas, TX, and you are still on the fence, because, well its inconvenient, its uncomfortable, you don’t want to travel, or you don’t want to spend the money, or insert whatever excuse your ego is telling you, I challenge you to look into your heart and ask. “Is this something that is calling to me?” “Is this something that I want to do but I am scared?”

And if it is, I highly encourage you to take a leap outside of your comfort zone, give yourself a new experience, walk through the fear to your success, I would love to support and guide you to the next level of success in your biz and your life! You can check out the info on the retreat and register here or you can reply back to this email and we can set up a quick chat if you are still feeling some resistance.

As a coach, I want to help you make a decision, either way, whether it’s to join us here in Dallas, TX in March or not, whether it’s to work with me, or not, it’s your choice, but not making a decision because you are scared doesn’t serve anyone, and I want to support you in making the decision so if you are feeling like you want to be there but you are having some resistance, know that it’s normal and also know that I am here to support you in making the decision whether this really is the right next step for you and your biz, fill out the form and we can chat.

We only have a few spots left as this will be a very intimate and hands on experience, so if you’d like join us, please check it out here and I would love to sweeten the deal for the next 2 people who decide to register and join us with two juicy bonuses.

— Juicy Bonus # 1:Insider Secrets to Get Clients FAST! – Value: $300

This is an in-depth, client attraction system in 5 easy steps to magnetize & enroll clients in the next 30 days.

These are the exact principles and concepts that I have used generate and continue to generate new business in the amount of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 even $120,000 worth of new business each month. This simple and proven step-by-step system will help you lay the foundation so you know exactly what to do, to magnetize new clients and cash to your bank account in 30 days or less…and you don’t need to have a website, or email list either.

— Juicy Bonus # 2: One 50 minute 1-1 PROFIT Acceleration Session with Kim  – $500 value

This is a 1-on-1 personalized PROFIT Acceleration Strategy Session with yours truly. We will spend 50 minutes focused on you and your business. Come to the call prepared to receive 1-on-1  laser coaching, discover where your blind spots and address any problems that are arising in your business that could use a new perspective.

In these structured calls we can help you get clear on what is standing in your way and devise an action plan to get you where you want to go quickly!

All you have to do to claim these 2 juicy bonuses worth $800 is to be one of the next two rock star entrepreneurs to register for the Rock Your PROFITS Inner Core Intensive Retreat here (If you are not sure this is right next step for you,fill out the form on the page here, so you can be one of the first two to receive the juicy bonuses worth $800 and make sure it’s a good fit 🙂

Love and blessings,



P.S. Regardless of whether you want to join us, you can grab your income acceleration check list here my gift to you just because 🙂 EnJoy!

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