STOP Doing Whatever it takes and BE!

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STOP Doing Whatever it takes_ Who AreI just came out of a two day immersion retreat on branding and capturing my soul essence, it’s not quiet time to share all the juicy details yet, but I can tell you its HUGE and scary and exciting. One of the most existing things about having this experience was to be able to experience my soul in a whole new way, I have been seeking and praying and asking to work with someone who really got me at my core, who understood who I am and then allowed me the space to show up as myself. This is a big part of what I do for my clients, in the retreat and VIP day setting, and so I have been craving this for a while and I could not be more excited about the growth and expansion that is now possible from this new state!

It was a really scared and surreal, and fascinating experience, that I had the honor and privilege to experience with 3 other beautiful souls birthing their life’s purpose, I mean how freaking cool is that? And the cool thing was that I got a whole new level of “being” in my soul, my life and my biz. You see, so much of creating what we desire comes down to who we are being, as opposed to what you are doing.

Don’t get me wrong, doing is important too, after all nothing happens until we take action in our lives or our business, but the place in where you are doing it from, as in the who you are being when you are doing it is key to creating what you want.

The truth is it all comes down to energy, so if you do something out of obligation, or fear, or sacrifice, well, what do you think you are going to create? More fear, more obligation, more sacrifice.

Many times as entrepreneurs, we think we need to “sacrifice” something in order to get what we really want, we say things like “what ever it takes” and guess what that creates? I can tell you first hand, in the early stages of my business, and in the learning to “be” stages of my business I have caught myself saying things just like that. “What ever it takes” to bring in the clients, to meet my goals, to ____ whatever it was.

And, let me tell you it took a lot, I was working crazy hours, I was producing crappy results, I was working really hard, my boundaries were pushed and I had to do whatever it took, with no regard for what I really wanted, which was balance, and play and fun.

This really comes down to who you are being in your business and your life. So, instead of the person that does whatever it takes, I now define what it takes, I am willing to do ______ in order to receive ____ by _____. And then I act and come from the place of its already done, meaning, if I want to bring in a new client, I act like a business owner who has already brought in the new client, I don’t act like a desperate biz owner who can’t find a client to help to save her life, no, I remember and be the biz owner that knows how to bring in a client, that makes decisions the way the biz owner who knows how to bring in a client and I do all of this from an energy of excitement and anticipation of receiving a new client, not questioning if it will happen.

So, who are you being in your business? and life for that matter? I would for you to share your thoughts below.

And, if you’d like to support in navigating this and identifying the hidden opportunities and who you need to be in your biz and life in order to manifest your desires, then lets talk, just go here to get started.

Much love,
xox, Kim


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