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Do you feel like you are always working towards the greater vision you have for yourself, your life, your biz?

I know for me I am always readjusting and evaluating where I am plus where it is I want to go.

I am working on my vision all the time, I have an idea of where I want to go in the next year and the upcoming months which is great, however, if you are not using your vision correctly then you are sabotaging yourself from ever getting there.

What I mean by that is if you are always “working” towards your vision you can’t ever actually arrive, you see you don’t know what it’s like to actually live your vision if you are striving to reach your vision, you are always striving to reach your vision.

When  I made the decision to move back to NY after being away for nearly 4 years to escape a toxic environment, I had a vision.

It was short and sweet and something like:

I want to work only a few days a week, I already only work while the kiddos were in school but I felt this aching to actually work only a few days a week.

I had no idea how it was going to happen but I had the vision.

Then we moved back to NY and low and behold, the perfect school that I find for my daughter, that is perfect in every way is actually only 3 days a week, funny how the Universe delivers to you what you want when you are clear on it, huh?

The key to actually being to achieve this was to come from the vision instead of working towards it, the difference is that when you work towards the vision you are not being the person who already has the success, “vision” you say that you want, rather you are “trying” to become that person.

Here is the thing about manifesting and creating anything, the truth is, the reality is no trying, there is only being and doing.

So you can either be the person who already has your vision or you can NOT be the person who already has your vision, you see, success happens on the inside first and then manifests on the outside.

The first step towards actually achieving your vision is to get super crystal clear on what that vision is, you see, for years I thought it was something I had to work towards, like when I was good enough, or worthy enough, or put in my time, etc, the truth is, if you have the vision now, the way to achieve it now is already present, but you cannot kid yourself.

A huge problem I see is all the time with my clients, and myself is not having this clear vision, we set goals that are from this place of wanting things to stop instead of what we really truly want.

Need help? I invite you to check out my meditation/visualization that will help you connect to that place 🙂 

I know I did this for years, and sometimes, I still do, hey, I am only human and I’m still learning too. Plus, it seems kind of counterintuitive too, because your vision, its usually really big where you don’t actually allow yourself to dream about it because it seems just too big and too unattainable but the problem is if you are not creating the vision you say that you want it’s that you are not really clear on what you want and what your true vision is, and of course, you are actually working towards it instead of being it, every day, day and day out.

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xox, Kim


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