Super Simple SEO for Entrepreneurs by Donna Cravotta

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High 5There is so much talk about SEO, keywords, analytics and for an entrepreneur or small business owner this feels scary and soooo out of reach. I am here to share that it does not need to be. Even by incorporating very simple SEO strategies into your content and the work you do online you can make a big difference in your rankings and help the right people to find YOU.

I am going to share a few simple strategies that I teach my clients and the members of my group program The Total Social PR System™


Super simple SEO consists of 5 categories – and below are a few tips for bringing this into your business.

  1. Keyword Research – Keywords are the first step in approaching SEO. Simply put, keywords are the words that people enter into the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Chrome, etc. when they are looking for YOU. When you know what these words are and you build them into your website, content, domains, topics, social media posts, conversations, they build your SEO ranking and help your ideal clients find YOU.You can use the free Google Keyword Tool to determine what your keywords are (you will need a FREE Google Adwords account to access). Then create a list of the words you THINK people are using to find you and run them through the keyword tool. I am pretty sure that you will be surprised with the results, they are usually not what you think they are!
  2. Search Engine Friendly Website – Once you have a list of 20 or so keywords, you will want to build them into the back end of your website. Sounds scary and out of reach, but if this is too techy for you, get some help from a web designer or a good virtual assistant. We work mostly with clients that have websites built on the WordPress platform and they offer a terrific FREE plug-in Yoast. Simply install this plug-in and follow the prompts.Yoast powerpacks your website/blog with keywords and is super easy to use. They have a red, yellow or green light system to let you know if you are doing this right. It will interface with your social media sites and give you feedback on how your social SEO. It totally simplifies big foreign SEO things like meta data, titles, descriptions, XML sitemaps.
  3. On-Page SEO – This is basically your content, headings, page titles, bolded/italicized text, image descriptions and ALT tags. Plainly…. you build n your keywords in a conversational way. Tag all of your images, without doing this they only look pretty and will not be found online. Your goal is to make your keywords stand out, be searchable and this will help you to be found by your ideal clients, the media and people that will find you interesting!
  4. Link Building – Links are relationships and Google favors high quality links and engagement the way to achieve this is to build relationships with reputable sites such as media sites, guest blogging on high traffic, ethical blogs, engagement on social media . A few things NOT to do… duplicate content all over the web, buy links, trade links, stuff your content, website and social media posts with keywords to the point that they make no sense.
  5. Analytics – Sorry, but YES you do need to look at your analytics and take the temperature of what you are doing. Good news is it does not need to be complicated or take a lot of your time. A quick set-up in Google Analytics will provide you with weekly auto-generated reports. First step… DON’T PANIC. You will want to see stats on the following:  social media traffic, post popularity, website / blog traffic, visitor demographics, search engines used, webpages visited, webpage bounces (this is the last page the visitor was on before they left).

So are you ready to get into the head of your ideal clients and have them find YOU. Please share your comments below and I look forward to hearing all about your super simple SEO success!

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About Donna Cravotta: CEO of Social Sage PR and creator of The Total Social PR System™. Empowering entrepreneurs to maximize their visibility with the creative use of social media and PR.


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