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I thought I decided – How to really make a decision

Have you ever had the experience where you wanted something and you thought you had decided that you wanted it but…. you just can’t seem to get it? It’s like everything seems to be working against you until you actually make the shift.

In this video, I share a quick story of how I thought I decided but still nothing was moving until I really learned what it means to decide.

In your business, one of the most important things you need to learn how to do is actually decide, because, well, nothing actually happens until you decide. Once you decide though, oh yeah baby, that’s when the magic happens.

The power of decision

I wanted to share something with you that has been on my mind the last few days and that has been a total game changer for me and perhaps it will be for you as well and that is the power of decision. I don’t know about you but for me, I know that it’s…
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What are you denying?

What are you denying to yourself? What is it that you are so scared of? That thing that you keep hiding, pushing down, hoping and praying that no one will ever find out yet secretly want to out yourself so you can finally be free. You know, that thing that holds you back, but you…
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Are You Ready to Take Back Your Power!

This is the message that is ringing through loud and clear for left and right this week for me and  for my clients and its something I’ve been really guided to share with you this week. So let’s examine what exactly I mean by take back your power, in order to do that we have…
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