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How an OBM Can Help Manage your Ezine Schedule

Establish your ezine publication schedule Establish your promotional schedule Manage your lists Help create a professional ezine template Ensure that ezine is published on schedule Review content for ezine Manage ads and other promotional material to be included in ezine Manage solo emails and other promotions being sent to the list Coordinate with affiliate and…
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Why You Need An Ezine (Online Newsletter)

Your online business manager may advice you that you need an Ezine for the following reasons: You can regularly keep in touch with your site visitors through Ezine Keeping in touch with your site visitors is important because potential clients do not usually buy on the 1st time that they visit the site. They first…
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Creating an Effective Ezine

Creating an effective ezine involves doing a lot of various tasks. The first task that you, as a publisher, have to deal with is to search for an ezine topic. You will need to be certain about the topic which your ezine will entail before you may begin building it. When you have finalized your…
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