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Mindset Hack Don't buy into others bs

Don’t buy into other peoples BS

Just because other people aren’t willing to do the work to be the person that actually lives their dreams doesn’t mean you need to buy into their BS that you can’t have it all. The truth is, you really can be, do and have anything you want, but you gotta be willing to be the…
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How To Lift Yourself Back Up When it feels like the walls are crashing down on you!

Everything you think you know about making money in your Online Service based freelance business.  IT’S A LIE.   You need a pretty website and tons of traffic to make decent money online, let alone a 6+ figure income You need 1000’s of raving fans on your email list of raving fans to make a good…
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Sometimes I just want to give up!

I don’t about you but sometimes I just want to give up, I can’t believe in even wrote that to you. You know, since I am “supposed” to have my stuff together and all that.  But here’s the thing, it’s true, and the truth is that I know you probably feel the same way too,…
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There’s Nothing Wrong with you!

You have this aching feeling that you “should” be doing something. That you “should” be further along. That you “should” have your shit together. That you “should” ____   I get it, I have felt it more times than I can count.   And when I do, I can’t help but also feel like, there…
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