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Mindset Hack Don't buy into others bs

Don’t buy into other peoples BS

Just because other people aren’t willing to do the work to be the person that actually lives their dreams doesn’t mean you need to buy into their BS that you can’t have it all. The truth is, you really can be, do and have anything you want, but you gotta be willing to be the…
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What are you denying?

What are you denying to yourself? What is it that you are so scared of? That thing that you keep hiding, pushing down, hoping and praying that no one will ever find out yet secretly want to out yourself so you can finally be free. You know, that thing that holds you back, but you…
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surrender-law of attraction

The Power of Surrender

It’s not a very sexy topic to talk about surrender, but it certainly is a powerful one and one that has the capacity to shift your business and your life on a dime. You see, as spiritual beings having a human experience we oftentimes try to control everything that is going on, we try to…
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