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Do you need a Social Media Intervention? By Karen Yankovich

You’re in the waiting room at the dentist. You’re at the dog park. You’re watching your kids baseball game. You’re having lunch with friends. You’re watching a movie with your significant other. You want to check your phone for messages, but you don’t want to look like “that person”.  You know the ones.  You’ve seen…
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Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?

How can one’s business benefit from social media? The answer is to actively engage in the networks, which you may consider advantageous for your business. You cannot expect the social media to work for you if you merely create a profile thinking that it will lure clients by itself. If you deal with social media…
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Twitter Your Way Into Building Your Brand

When Twitter first came out, everybody was apprehensive that it will eventually amount to something. Now, with billions (trillions?) of subscribers, there is no more reason to be apprehensive about using Twitter – especially if you’re a business owner looking into building your brand. So okay, Twitter only allows you 140 characters to get your…
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