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Find Out the Difference Between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant

An online business manager (OBM) is not a virtual assistant, although most people confuse one from another. While both form part of the virtual team of an online business, there is a difference between the role and functions of the two.  Here is how they are different. The Supervisor The OBM supervises the daily operations…
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How an Online Business Manager is different from a Virtual Assistant

Just like a traditional business, an online business also needs human resources. In a similar way to machines and money, people are essential for they contribute to the business’ performance and productivity; hence, growth and development are achieved. Use of technology can only be short-term if the other players in the same field adopt similar…
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The Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

If you are stumbling to finish your work and spend time with your family or you just don’t have enough hours in the day then a Virtual Assistant may be right for you. Basically a Virtual Assistant is an off-site or virtual member of your team that provides administrative support services through electronic transactions. In…
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