Are You Ready to Take Back Your Power!

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TakeBackYourPowerThis is the message that is ringing through loud and clear for left and right this week for me and  for my clients and its something I’ve been really guided to share with you this week.

So let’s examine what exactly I mean by take back your power, in order to do that we have to first define what I mean by power? Power in this context is really defined as your free will, your choice, your intention.

Now that you know that, ask yourself, where have you given your power away? This used to show up for me all the time. I would catch myself saying things like” when this happens, then I will do this”

Do you catch yourself doing that? It’s really common among entrepreneurs when I have the money, I will invest in the program when I have the money, I will quit the job I really hate when I lose 10 lbs, then I will get out there and speak, will do video, when I have the money, I will start to live my dream, when I have extra money then I will give to the causes I really care about that are near and dear to my heart.

The problem with this thinking is that its backward, you see, the way you live your life now is the way you live your life later and when you decide, via free will to give your power away, to something outside of yourself its really, really hard, if not impossible to manifest what you desire.  It keeps you stuck in your circumstances because you have actually surrendered your greatest asset, your free will, your power.

I know this is a lot to swallow and take in, and some of you may even be pissed off right now, good, be pissed off, it’s normal. I know, because I used to play the victim really, really well. I stayed in situations that tore me apart inside, that threatened my safety, physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally because I was so caught up in the illusion that I did not have a choice.

The cold hard truth is, you always have a choice, it’s just that sometimes it’s easier to stay victim to your circumstances, then it is to rise up and claim your power back. I know, I have been there done that, it’s it not easy, it’s simple but it sure as heck is not easy. I am thankful that I had guides, mentors, coaches, and friends to help me along the way.

So ask yourself, who have you given your power away to and what can you do today to take it back, the first step to changing anything is having awareness around it, once you have awareness around something you can then make a new choice and take back your power.

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Much love, xox, Kim

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