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Here's some of the things people say about working with kim...

Kim has helped me in more areas then one. When I first came to Kim, I was overwhelmed, totally STUCK and ready to throw in the towel. I had spent years (and I mean years) trying to move my business forward and it wasn't happening. Investing in Kim was really my last option. I really didn't think I could afford a coach, but I decided to get on the phone and see if Kim and I had a connection anyway.

We did, of course! She totally got me! She understood more about me than I did and best of all, she was able to dig into some personal struggles that were holding me back on our very first call. I knew she hit the nail right on the head, but I didn't want to deal with it. I just wanted to make money.

Kim and I spent time on my business, but we spent lots of time removing some of my blocks around be deserving of happiness and what I REALLY want. She helped me remove a lot of the doubt that I had around my abilities to be great at what I love. This was HUGE! She also helped me let go of a lot of anger and resentment that were filling me with negativity and we created space for positive energy and great thoughts.

At first, I thought that this was BS. There was no way that these personal struggles and doubts had ANYTHING to do with my business being stuck for years. Kim encouraged me to just try her techniques. I had nothing to lose so I did.

3 months in with Kim, I had tripled my income! But what was more important than that, I felt great about the work I was doing. I felt confident, secure and I had techniques to work through the demons that liked to sneak in and pull me back down, that I didn't have before Kim. Anytime I need her, she is there. No matter how big or small my issue, Kim ALWAYS has a solution to get me through the next hurdle so I can keep moving forward.

My entire life has transformed because of the work I have done with Kim. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. She keeps me moving forward and always thinking positive. She has helped me finally realize, that I am NOT my past. And I am so happy to know, feel and believe that!

If you are struggling in your business, no matter how or why, Kim can help! She is amazing at what she does and I can't recommend her enough! I wake up every day feeling excited about what the day will bring and I very rarely think about losing everything anymore. (this was a daily thought for me) If I do have those thoughts, I turn to her and within hours, I am feeling better and ready to move forward.


Dear Kim, I wanted to take some time and tell you what an amazing influence you have been on myself and on my business. Your training, support, and constant encouragement has been a HUGE IMPACT on my business.

After years of frustration, ups and downs with my business your coaching and strategies has turned my business around. I came to you with clients I didn’t want to work with and clients who were working with coaches but did not want to invest in the level of service that I bring to the table. I found myself, compromised, disappointed in myself and on a cycle of highs and lows.

In the first month I threw caution to the wind and implemented just a few pieces of training into my actions and increased my business 100%, new clients, more income and feeling like I can do this. Then out of nowhere I still realized I was doing the same things underneath it all and not in my own brilliance or area of expertise.

I 60 days later after speaking with you further, doing the exercises, finding out what my resistance is and uncovering the layers to really what it is I love and am passionate about, I let go of all but two clients, found the strength and courage to stand my ground. Accepted that it is ok to be me and love what I do and ask for the money and if they can’t afford to pay my rate they are not my ideal client.

Your support, your emails, your Facebook group and ultimately all the training I am getting from being in your ROCK Your Profits Group I am on a clear path to success. I know it is going to be ok, even with the bumps. It is incredible to know that I have invested thousands of dollars, worked with some great and not so great people and yet the one thing that was missing in my journey to success was YOU!

I cannot thank you enough as I am in the middle of our program and have discovered so much and am thrilled to each and every step of the way, as long as you are by my side, in my corner and my inbox I am a success.

Thank you Kim, it is with tears of joy that I am finally free to be me and it is ok. You are an amazing woman and anyone who doesn’t know that or doesn’t experience even one phone call with you is a fool in their business. Thanks for keeping me away from shiny objects and knowing that right now I may have to put the long hours in but it will all be worth it!

Your Student, Your Colleague and Your ROCK Your Profits Success! – Patricia


Thank you so much Kim for the training yesterday. I feel so much more excited about my business and ready to get a grip and take the next steps to start bringing in more clients. I am going to work through your worksheet and smash it! Big money goal – I want to get 5 new clients paying £300 per month each, totalling £1500/month.


“Kim moves you beyond all you thought possible! Not only does she go the distance to truly give you exactly what you need before you know that you need it. Kim is more than equipped and does step up, in whatever forum you require…from mindset to business success strategizing, as well as setting up systems that free you to soar!”


Since working with Kim, I have found my true passion and purpose. I have become inspired to be the person I want to be and share my gifts with the world in times of confusion from so much in the market place for coaching programs Kim and her programs have more than changed my business and my life!


"Really exceptional and will definitely make a difference in how I approach certain areas of my life going forward. Kim has a definite affinity for this work and is very nurturing and clear in her delivery of the messages. It is quite an eye opener and I highly recommend doing a reading. – Thank you this was a true gift.”


Kim helps me to align my mindset and energy and what I want, holding the space for the transformation to happen and the possibility, strategy to get me there and help to bring all the pieces together. I went from $0 to over $50K in sales in the first few months of working with Kim, while working 1/2 the time! That's what happens when you focus on the right stuff! How do you like that for tangible results? Thanks, Kim”


"You give me clarity in the more personal areas in my life of being spiritually and energetically clear and connected. As a healer this is an essential component in coaching for me. That along with your knowledge and coaching on all business matters really gives what I see as full service coaching. You get me and see how to connect the dots to success uniquely for me in my business and what is necessary to set a foundation for a profitable business and happy life."


"The greatest benefit I got from working with you is that you see who I really am and you are able to help me stay in alignment with my truth, which has always led to more income coming with more ease. It’s the intuitive nature of your coaching that makes you very valuable and different from the rest of the coaches out there. Of course you’re also really good at the systems and strategy stuff, but I think you strength comes from your ability to see the truth...

I came to Kim because I was frustrated by my constant self-sabotage in my business. I knew I was capable of doing so much more but I constantly stopped myself short. When I started working with Kim she helped me realize the value I bring to my clients and helped me up-level and align my prices with my expertise. The first month I worked with Kim I quadrupled my income! She’s warm, caring, brilliant and fun to work with. Sometimes it just takes a small tweak in what you’re doing to make a big change in the bottom line, which is exactly what was the case for me. Thanks Kim!”


"I came to Kim because I knew I lacked crucial structure in my business but did not know how to fix the problem. Working together she really helped me get the big picture and understand exactly what the 10 key areas of structure are. Then she led me through defining how my organization needed to look and exactly in detail what to use and what to do to accomplish that. If you are looking to get a handle on the functional structure of a business that will free you up to do what you do best Kim can teach you. May I add she is the only person Ive ever come across doing this work at such a granular level. Everyone starting a business should work with her first!"


Kim is a master at what she does! She is an amazing resource on what systems a business owner needs to have in place in order to stop leaving money on the table! I highly recommend Kim for people ready to get the support that will take their business to the next level!


"I don't even want to think about how I'd manage my online business without Kim's help.

She's efficient, smart and incredibly pleasant to deal with. 

I think the biggest advantage she has is the fact that she's an online marketer herself, so she understands my goals and is familiar with the tools I'm using. That means I don't have to spend my time explaining things - she already knows what to do.

In my opinion, Kim is an online marketer's best friend! "  Katie Byrd


We came to Kim because we did not have any of our systems documented and our team simply did not have the time to get it done because we were so busy working in the business that they couldn’t take the time to work on the business. Kim worked with our Member Services Director and Membership Manager to document all of the systems of our member services department and set up checklists and processes. We now have all of our systems documented for serving our clients so I can relax and know that no balls are getting dropped.


Kim is a super-star, her stage is online and she knows it! While Kim’s role offers “behind-the-scenes” support she is more like a front and center gal. Kim knows how to lead others to success and has led me repeatedly…. She is a fundamental part of my business achievement…I have saved HOURS of time following her recommendations… and highly recommend her!…”


DISCLAIMER: These results are not typical as everyone on this page is a rock star entrepreneur, meaning, they did the work, they were coachable, they took action and followed through and thus were rewarded with awesome results. I cannot guarantee in any way, shape or form that you will get the same results as your results are totally dependent on you, I promise to show up 100% and support if you are ready for help and want to go for it, I’d love to help you!